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Myrthos November 14th, 2012 15:32

Hero-U - Kickstarter Update #18
In update number 18 of Hero-U, Corey Cole notices that the amount of backers are increasing but that they still need 150K in the next 6 days in order to make it.
The rest of the update is mainly about how everybody can help to make this work.

Some of our backers have collected a long list of interviews, articles, forum posts, and other links relevant to the Hero-U campaign. Here is the full list on Christiana's wonderful Quest for More Glory site: http://www.questformoreglory.com/for…showtopic=3155
Every one of you can help the project in just a few minutes of your time by visiting these links and "upvoting" them. Help the Hero-U project get to the front page of Reddit, 1Up, and other sites.
We have less than a week left, and we need everyone to pitch in just a little bit. Share a few of these links on Facebook, Google+, and other social sites so that your friends know what you're supporting and what is special about Rogue to Redemption.
With your help, we can reach thousands more potential Hero-U backers, and this project will become a reality!
More information.

KayAU November 14th, 2012 15:32

I really, really hope they get this funded, as the Coles are responsible for some of my favorite games of all time. They may not have the smoothest or most impressive Kickstarter pitch video, but as someone who has actually played their games, I didn't really need a pitch.

For those who haven't played the Quest for Glory series, but are interested in role playing games and/or adventure games: you should really consider supporting this. The QFG series was and is both unique and brilliant. As much as I love the other Sierra "Quest" games, QFG still stands out as the best of them. It mixed adventure gaming with RPG elements, and unlike most other games, offered multiple ways of solving problems. The atmosphere of these games was brilliant, and you could really get immersed in them. I felt at home in Shapeir in QFG 2. Not many video game cities accomplish that.

The Coles should make video games again.


Sacred_Path November 14th, 2012 17:06

Kind of sad to see this fail as they said there won't be a second pitch.

Lemonhead November 15th, 2012 02:34

Hopefully it wont fail though since kickstarters tend to really take off towards the end of the campaign.

crpgnut November 15th, 2012 04:27

Not a fan of cartoony graphics. I think Amalur just ruined that type of graphic for me, for a long time. I guess I need more crpg and less adventure too. I can't imagine myself playing through Hogwarts as I near my 50th year of life. Still hope it makes it for the Watch members who want this game.

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