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kalniel October 20th, 2006 15:34

G3 - texture heavy or shader heavy?
Hi all,

Assuming my game ever turns up, has enough experimentation been done yet to discover if this game is more texture processing heavy or shader processing heavy? I ask largely to determine which graphics card to update to - NVidia's having better texture fill rates (esp. multi-textures) and ATI's having better branching shader performance.

I understand G3 uses the GameByro middleware, as did Oblivion, but I think that has little relevance because shaders and textures will have been added to the engine seperately by both developers. Oblivion did however perform better on ATI cards.

JonNik October 20th, 2006 15:41

Well PB licenced gamebryo to kickstart development but they claim that they
replaced all parts of that engines code with their own.

They call their Engine Genome and say they built it from scratch.

I think the game in its current state doesnt have all that complex shader
effects (at least to my layman's sences). Add to that that the game seems to
actually perform better in Nvidia cards (A game part of the way its meant
to be played Program that Actually does !)…

I myself have an ATI X1900xt No real problems and performance is good so far…

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