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yllaettaevaet November 30th, 2012 08:58

Good gaming blahblah podcasts?

currently I'm in a job where I've got LOOOOADS of time - and e.g. I listen to podcasts at that time.
Example: These guys are very knowledgeable about (old) games, games industry and talk hours about it. http://www.stayforever.de/alle-podcasts/

Any other podcasts? Peference is german, then english language.


Gorath November 30th, 2012 12:13

Stay Forever is the one I would have recommended.

Maybe the Spieleveteranen Podcast is an option too.

yllaettaevaet November 30th, 2012 23:13

Great, thanks - but to be honest I was searching the Spieleveteranen website really hard, but do not find a link to whatever audio file. Hmmm. E.g. on http://www.spieleveteranen.de/archives/752

EDIT: Figured out, there are no audio links if you start from http://www.spieleveteranen.de/podcasts - But if you start from the home page.

Solved, thanks, very interesting. Pretty old guys ;)

Gorath December 6th, 2012 15:14

Their latest podcast is in English. Guest star: Ron Gilbert.

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