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Dhruin November 30th, 2012 10:20

Age of Decadence - November Update, R3 Beta Released
There's a new Age of Decadence update with the R3 Beta jus released:

Short version:




Long version:

* * *

We proudly present R3 – the third release of the Age of Decadence public beta. This version offers a lot of changes, improvements, and extra content:

What’s inside?

Alchemy – create your own healing salve, berserk potions, acid and liquid fire vials that can be thrown at your enemies, black powder bombs, the "lich" potion, and neurostimulant.

Whereas crafting improves the player's combat stats only, alchemy improves stats, introduces new combat abilities, and provides new quest solutions. Basically, crafting is about focus, alchemy is about versatility.

Quest changes & New content – now you can score bonus loyalty points by selling info to Linos and telling him that Cado's planning to attack the shipment. You can loot Carrinas' body - the most requested "feature". An escape sequence was added after you kill Carrinas. The first Imperial Guards’ quest was tweaked based on the feedback we received. Plus, your grifter, loremaster, and thief will have more opportunities to ply their craft.

System Changes – different blocking mechanics, rebalanced weapons damage ranges and THC (to-hit chance) bonuses, rebalanced fast, power, and aimed attacks, rebalanced armor DR and penalties.

Interface – new dialogue interface and improved font for better readability.

If you want to see the full list of changes, click here.

Why release another version?

The main reason is to test the alchemy system, which is an important aspect of the game and can affect and change every combat encounter. We tested it internally for almost two months and made a number of changes already, but a small internal test can't compete with an open public test. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated and your feedback does matter.

The other reason is to test the latest system changes. They reflect the feedback we've received after the last release and make combat more enjoyable (assuming you liked it in the first place). We'll continue improving the character, combat, crafting, and alchemy systems until the game is released, so it is an ongoing process. These systems will serve as the foundation for future titles (should there be future titles) and getting them right is important to us.

We're looking forward to your feedback and hope that you'll enjoy the beta.

PS. Thank you for your patience and interest.
More information.

borcanu November 30th, 2012 10:20

can you imagine the dough this project would've coughed up if they took kickstarter.
Maybe its not too late , right?
they go kickstarter, and polish it like it deserves

GhanBuriGhan November 30th, 2012 11:27


Originally Posted by borcanu (Post 1061173632)
can you imagine the dough this project would've coughed up if they took kickstarter.
Maybe its not too late , right?
they go kickstarter, and polish it like it deserves

VaultDweller really doesn't like Kickstarter. He also feels that his project is too far along.

xep624 November 30th, 2012 14:38

Yah… I've been waiting for this game already 2 years…. But at the end it will be just great…

Capt. Huggy Face December 1st, 2012 17:42

Anyone given the latest beta a try yet? Thoughts?

I definitely won't get a chance this weekend and probably not all of next week. I've been working like Oliver Twist on the Amistad.

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