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Reside December 14th, 2012 23:07

Rpg mo
I Know that browser rpg games get a lot bad feedback.. but i give a try!
I'm Co Developer of RPG MO.
RPG MO is browser based mmo rpg. It's similar as old school runescape classic, at least players told that, at my point of view it isn't looking at all like that.
Started with RPG MO developing around 5 months ago.


14 skills:
Farming (Will be added 23.12 with V 41 Patch)
Carpentry (Will be added 23.12 with V 41 Patch)
600+ item
14 map

Game is real time, so no turn based but moving is grid based. Can explore 14 different maps right now + plunder pyramid, castles, caves.

Unique Game Features:
Pet System - kill king beasts to get baby pets, evolve them into great pets ( more inventory slots, extra stats)
Build Own house using all game tiles. Can create own house and guild house soon, using all game tiles you see, so decorate your house how you like.
Upgrade House levels to get more building and farming slots.
Duelling - Duel every where and bet items.
Enchanting system - Enchant every item.
Market system- leave item offers on market even when offline.
Cross server trading.

About Game:
Game is 100% balanced, Donators won't get any benefit, just that they get armors faster but free players can get equal items from monsters also. Skills cap is 499 for players ( would take still few years to get there ), we don't want to add skill caps like 99% games have.. so in the end like every one have same equipment and power, then winning is all about luck, so we make that your strength depends on you.

Feel Free to give honest feedback :)!
Game link is http://rpg.mo.ee
Since we don't have website yet, it will get added when 2nd game server will be released.

Indiegogo support ( flexible campaign )

joxer December 14th, 2012 23:20

Looks interesting, but I'm not into pvp really on low levels (except in MOBA games) so a question - can I refuse to duel when someone challenges me?

Corwin December 14th, 2012 23:23

This should really be in our MMO marketing forum.

Reside December 14th, 2012 23:47


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061175566)
Looks interesting, but I'm not into pvp really on low levels (except in MOBA games) so a question - can I refuse to duel when someone challenges me?

Yes, Duelling will happen only when you accept duelling request to duel you need to be combat 30 at least - Right click on player who sent you duelling request and click duel. Then Duelling windows will appear where you can bet items and rules how duel will be (with running, magic).

Reside January 14th, 2013 07:30

V41 Released - Farming and carpentry. New pets, 1 and 2 handed weapons(currently 2 handed weapons give negative armor). Balanced item drops. Bronze items have higher enchanting rates. New monsters. Mining level requirement for copper and zinc lowered. Graphical update to Narwa, Walco, Rakblood, Hell, Blood River, Reval and Pernau. Alchemy formula changes. Bone armor, weapons and much more that we forgot to mention!


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