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Archibald December 15th, 2012 22:23

How you keep track of news of your favoured upcoming game?
Let's say you found a new game in development and you like it. You want to be notified when it is ready. And maybe to read about updates.
How would you want to be notified?

If you choose "Other" please describe.

CrazyIrish December 15th, 2012 22:25

By logging onto RPGwatch of course!

Archibald December 15th, 2012 22:33


Originally Posted by CrazyIrish (Post 1061175690)
By logging onto RPGwatch of course!

LOL, quite obivious, I should have added that option to the pool :)

joxer December 15th, 2012 23:06

I've clicked "other".

Social networks (options 1 and 2) are out of the question, I'm not registering there unless someone pays me millions to do it, and that ain't happening.

Option 3 is, dunno, I kinda avoid youtube unless someone posts a link with a description what's there. I remember searching stuff on youtube before and stumbling upon utter crap instead of something I looked for. Not to mention that in some cases I deliberately stopped the stream as the stuff was obviously uploaded illegally (full movies instead of just a trailer). Also, in some cases I can't watch the video - it wants me to register and I refuse. :)

The rest options are not just a great way to get overspammed but also, because of me "fighting" against thousands of e-mails daily at work, I'm really not in the mood to check my private e-mail often. So scratch that too.

I just bookmark official sites and check them from time to time as I really don't care if I hear the news days or weeks after they posted 'em.
When the game is released or when I'm done with waiting for the final patch, I remove the link from bookmarks. That's my "other".
And that reminded me on something. I should remove the skyrim forum bookmark, I doubt I'll see the final patch before Doomsday.

Nameless one December 15th, 2012 23:30

Voted others too.Watch and RPS are only places I track upcoming games.

Carnifex December 16th, 2012 01:01

The first 4 choices I don't even use, don't even know what the 4th one is, lol. For new games for me, it's usually word of mouth via friends and family. So, I hit other.


Myrkrel December 16th, 2012 01:57

I either look for info here at RPG Watch (sometimes the Codex too), or subscribe to a RSS feed of the developer's blog using Google reader. I think having an often updated blog for a developing game is good - keeps interest going and fans like to see progress being made. I've also sometimes subscribed to a newsletter in rare occasions.

I suppose if you really want to promote your game - use "all of the above" if you have the time. Also you might add Google+ to your list of things to consider as it seems to be gaining some traction in light of people's annoyances with Facebook.

Corwin December 16th, 2012 06:30

You mean there are other options besides the Watch? I'm stunned that wasn't the first poll option!!!! :)

crpgnut December 16th, 2012 08:28

I use the Watch primarily, the website of the game in question and Google News, if it's an AAA title. I followed Skyrim and Reckoning via Google, for instance.

bkrueger December 16th, 2012 10:36

I try to completely avoid following future games. I wait for reviews after the game is out. Following the hype before the game is out can only end in disappointment. :cool:

holeraw December 16th, 2012 12:08

I don't keep track of upcoming games as a game is only of interest to me when and if I can actually play it. In the extremely rare cases I'm interested to follow the development or check for news I just visit the official website and forums whenever I remember. So… other?

Cm December 16th, 2012 15:43

For reliable info I come here first. Then hit a link someone posts who I trust. I do get one newsletter, and talk to others weekly who help keep me up to date.

wolfgrimdark December 16th, 2012 16:01

I tend to get a lot of my news and reviews here - RPGWatch is my first stop of every day. I supplement it with one other social gaming site I visit a lot. Beyond that I read reviews and often check out the official website and any Wiki's that may have sprung up.

The one place I almost never go are the official community forums. Sadly my own personal experience has show most of them to be cesspools and while they often have some good information getting to it tends to be a chore.

Course if I am super-duper hyped I may take the risk :)

Toff December 16th, 2012 16:03

RPG Watch of course. Actually I avoid following development of games as the hype machine only leads to disappointment of the actual game. Plus I'm simply not interested until the game is released.

Archibald December 23rd, 2012 17:02

One thing is clear to me, at least I don't have to keep updated the lame Facebook since you don't use it :D
It seems that people who make games and play game of a certain genre (RPG) are quite alike, we all dislike the same things :) Which is very convenient I must say :)

mmostrategizer January 30th, 2013 20:25

There are other MMO sites out there (not sure I should mention them) that have a good list of upcoming games, that I use to see more info about upcoming games.

Corwin January 31st, 2013 01:21

We no longer keep track of MMO's formally, but allow people to post about them in our MMO Marketing sub-forum. We just don't have the volunteer staff with sufficient time or interest to keep track of upcoming MMO's.

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