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Myrthos December 18th, 2012 19:21

General News - The 5 Biggest 'Fill in the Blanks' of 2012
Over the last week or so Gamasutra created various list where they share their views on the video games of 2012. Not much is RPG related, but maybe you want to give it a go in case you are bored.
The 5 biggest video game surprises

Double Fine starts the Kickstarter revolution
Before Tim Schafer's Double Fine launched its Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter earlier this year, Kickstarter was a place where smaller indie studios could seek an audience (and hopefully their wallets). I personally didn't know a single person who was even signed up to Kickstarter, let alone was pledging money to video game projects on the platform.
The 5 trends that defined the game industry

Mid-tier fallout
At about the mid-point of the current console generation, prognosticators warned the game industry: Going toe-to-toe with studios in the top-tier, high-budget "triple-A" video game sector is going to become an increasingly harrowing task.
We saw this happening last year as well, but the trend continued in 2012 -- mid-level developers and their games are falling out of the picture. Slow sales of Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs hurt the publisher's earnings this year -- a disappointing shortfall, as the publisher made a special effort to scoop the game up from Activision, where it was called True Crime: Hong Kong.
The 5 events that shook the video game industry

When 38 Studios imploded
The mere existence of 38 Studios was one of my favorite things about the video game industry. That a man could make his fortune being an all-star baseball pitcher and use it to jumpstart a video game studio, hire his favorite people, and make the kinds of games he wants to play was proof that even the wildest adolescent fantasies can come true.
The 5 most significant video game controversies

Mass Effect's Ending
After three installments in BioWare's widely-celebrated franchise, the saga of Shepard came to an end. And yet it was far from over -- the ending of the game caused a vocal outcry of fan dissatisfaction with everything from the tone to the logic of the story itself. Particularly damning was the allegation that fans didn't have enough choice and control over their destiny, given that one of the strengths of the series is that it works to give players exactly that.
The 5 biggest disappointments

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Almost a year ago, Star Wars: The Old Republic launched amidst tremendous fanfare and confident projections from publisher Electronic Arts about its commercial potential. Astute observers had noted signs of trouble for years; many had questioned whether or not BioWare's strength in single player storytelling would translate to an MMO; whether too much money was being spent on the game's development; whether the subscription model still worked, and other concerns.
More information.

Frozen Fireball December 18th, 2012 19:21

Gotta agree with Walking Dead: The Game as one of the biggest surprises of the year. It was the only game that managed to bring tear to my eyes and considering how unemotional I am when it comes to fiction, that means a lot.

Overall, fair choices. Although "shook" is a strong word for its related category.

Dhruin December 19th, 2012 00:55

Shame there are some significant bugs and Telltale don't seem interested in doing much about it.

Thaurin December 19th, 2012 10:00


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 1061176169)
Shame there are some significant bugs and Telltale don't seem interested in doing much about it.

Indeed, like losing my save game at the end of episode 4. I had to play the last episode with random choices. That was damned frustrating after so many months of choice-making.

Dhruin December 19th, 2012 10:12

I lost them at the end of 2, and then again at 3. Won't waste my time again.

Frozen Fireball December 19th, 2012 12:11

Yeah, this saving problem happened to many people. Since I played the episodes back to back after all of them came out and also backed up my save file, I wasn't affected by it. I suggest playing it again after 3 or 4 months when the experience becomes rather fresh. It's worth it.

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