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Myrthos December 19th, 2012 21:09

Project Eternity - Update #36
Josh Sawyer brings us a lengthy update on Project Infinity about resolution and scaling, movement and combat feel, UI design and the four core classes and advancement.

As players advance their characters, they have the ability to choose class-specific abilities and more class-neutral talents (more like perks or feats) to customize their character capabilities. If you want to keep your fighters very low maintenance, there are a large number of passive fighter abilities and combat-oriented talents that you can buy. If you'd like to make a fighter that's much more "active-use" (more like a 4E fighter), you can choose to buy more modal and active abilities. Similarly, while all wizards gain additional spells, you can use talents to boost a wizard's damage with implement weapons and Blasts, making them more useful when you're not having them chain-cast a series of limited-use spells.
The same also applies to skills, which are used for a variety of non-combat purposes. All classes start out with bonuses in the skills that their classes most commonly use, but players can choose to reinforce or play against that top. If you want to make a paladin who delights in picking locks, you can do that and get a lot of utility out of the skill -- though the character will never be quite as good as a rogue who specializes in it.

More information.

azarhal December 19th, 2012 21:09

What about 16x10 resolution? We always end-up forgotten and I really believe they are way more 16:10 than 16:9 on the PC LCD market (aka people have old LCDs not recent ones that use TV proportions).


"Most importantly, it doesn't prevent you from doing what adventurers love to do most: loot everything they find that isn't bolted down."
Ah devs that know that adventurers are all hoarders. Awesome.

I love the level 1 class stuff too.

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