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TheWharfMaster December 24th, 2012 21:53

Lets hear about your kickstarter project
Indie games seemed most relevant, but if theres a better place to talk kickstarter, someone kindly let me know, thanks :D

So ive been sitting with the idea of kickstarter for a couple of days now, and im definitely going to start a project.
But id like to hear about all of your projects, for many reasons.
I want to start playing more indie games, ive become terribly fed up with just about every one of my games (all mainstream, xbox 360)
Id be interested in funding some cool projects, once my funds get sorted out of course :P
And I would just love to keep up with any sweet projects being made within the network, so lets hear what you guys got brewin'

TheWharfMaster December 26th, 2012 17:53

I imagine people on this site have current kickstarter projects..? At least a few of you, considering theres enough kickstarter talk here.
Well what ive been looking at are three potential projects: A RPG game book, featuring my MYTH world, the first step to my grandiose game; a PC game, based on a new world, yet to be crafted, but it will hopefully showcase some of the features my team and I want to be known for; and possibly, a trading card game? One based off of the new world for the PC game. The primary inspiration being Magic the Gathering.

Not sure on the order yet, obviously the PC game would be the hardest to make for me; ive never made a single application or module, nothing virtual or electronic, and have very limited knowledge on something like that. So the book might be the best start, or the card game, that would be mostly creative work. And than being able to possibly fund it through help from the community…I love kickstarter :P

Let me know what you guys think, thanks :D

Charles-cgr December 28th, 2012 21:33

I might go that route for Sovereign. I haven't decided yet, nor have I worked out the "not living in the US or UK" problem.

rune_74 January 3rd, 2013 21:31


Originally Posted by Charles-cgr (Post 1061177410)
I might go that route for Sovereign. I haven't decided yet, nor have I worked out the "not living in the US or UK" problem.

Told you I think you should.:)

blatantninja January 3rd, 2013 22:10

Not an RPG (or game), but I have considered a Kickstarter for creating a plugin that could be used by Media Center software like XBMC or Media Portal to handle CableCards CopyOnce or CopyNever material (Via an HDHomeRun Prime or Ceton InfiniTV). The idea would be able to make a whole home DVR system.

The issue, from the research I have done, isn't that complex given that the leg work has really been on handling the guides and such within those programs already and PlayReady is licensable from MSFT. It's just a matter of creating a black-box plug-in is not (at least easily) hackable.

Ohh and the $15,000 upfront licensing fee to MSFT. Talked to a buddy of mine who's been programming for over 20 years over Christmas about it and we agreed that we think given all that, it could probably be done for between $80k and $100k, less if people volunteered their time.

The issue as to why a company has not done this themselves of course that its not a particularly profitable venture (and of course the poor industry support for CableCards). HTPC's are a niche market, and XBMC, MythTV, etc. are a niche within that niche.

For power users like myself though, I'd gladly drop down a grand or so to make it happen and free myself from the frustration of Copy-Once restrictions between connected HTPCs and the limitations of the official extenders. I think there must be at least another 100 power users out there that feel the same way.

Brandenburg January 19th, 2013 15:44

Kickstarter is overall a great idea. Might help bring to market more games with a soul

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