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Fluent December 29th, 2012 22:51

Game designer document for creating your own RPG??

Question - Does anyone have the document that some famous game designer put on the internet for fellow game designers to download and use? I believe the developer was from Obsidian and the lead designer on Dungeon Siege 3.

The document was basically a "fill in the blanks" type of document for game designers. It was like an application of sorts, where you wrote your answers to various questions provided in the document, and wrote essays about your ideas in the provided areas.

The document, when finished, was to be presented to a company that would read it and decide if they wanted to move forward in creating your game.

Anyone know what the hell I'm talking about and know where I can download that document? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

CountChocula December 30th, 2012 00:18

Do you mean the Wasteland 2 design document?


Fluent December 30th, 2012 10:13

Thanks for the reply but nope, that's not it.

This document was blank. It had areas for text that said stuff like: Describe your game world here. And, describe your game characters here. Stuff like that.

It was like an application. Someone who worked on Dungeon Siege 3 put it online to help new game designers who were creating their own games.

Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about?

Fluent December 30th, 2012 12:07

Found it!

Here it is for anyone interested.


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