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Fluent December 30th, 2012 09:49

Indie RPGs on the Xbox 360 Console
Hello. Recently I discovered indie games on the Xbox Live Arcade. It's blowing my mind because I'm finding interesting games that only cost 80 Microsoft points to buy (which equals about $1.20 or so). It's really quite amazing.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me to try? So far I tried Wizard's Keep and really liked it, Masters of Belial (couldn't really figure this one out in the short amount of time they give you), and Mega Monster Mania (cool game, but maybe not for me).

I like all types of RPGs so any RPG recommendations would be valuable to me. So let's hear it - what indie RPGs on the Xbox Live Arcade are must-plays?

Nameless one January 2nd, 2013 20:49

Have you played Bastion?It's not cheap as those games(it's 14 euros on steam idk is there difference in price between console and PC).RPG elements are very light but good game nevertheless.

Fluent January 4th, 2013 16:37

No, haven't played Bastion, but I did see it recommended for me based on the games I've purchased before. I'll look into it. Although hearing that the RPG elements are very light kind of worries me. I mostly only play games that have RPG elements in them. I'll check it out though, thanks.

Fluent January 5th, 2013 03:31

Bastion looks cool from what I've seen of it. However, my mind is once again blown by all the indie games I've found on Xbox Live Arcade. I just downloaded a bunch of games to my hard drive. Everything from retro JRPGs to dungeon crawling and adventure games. All RPGs. Unbelievable.

I bought 2 of them after playing the demos. One is called Brimstone - An Action RPG. This is a Diablo clone. You delve deep into the dungeons, complete quests and slay hordes of monsters while collecting tons of loot. It's very fun if you like Diablo-style games. An absolute steal at 80 MS points.

The second game I bought is just as unbelievable. Dungeons of Desolation. It's a dungeon crawler with extensive loot systems, skill trees, and a ton of Diablo style inventory items, however, the combat happens automatically when you run into an enemy. For an indie game for 80 MS points, it's very in depth with a lot of cool mechanics. Highly recommended if you like dungeon crawlers.

Besides those 2 games I downloaded the demos of about 5 other games that look equally as good. I can't believe how many interesting games I'm finding. I'm just geeking out over here knowing that Xbox Live Arcade is like a gold mine for RPGs. Unreal. I will be spending the next few days sifting through all these games and giving them a shot. For roughly a dollar a piece, you can't go wrong. Although a few I found were 240-400 points, too. Still cheap.

Highly recommend anyone with access to an Xbox 360 to check out Xbox Live Arcade. It's an amazing service.

Fluent January 6th, 2013 00:23

Some more gems I pulled out of Xbox Live Arcade. All $1 unless otherwise noted.

Battlepaths - Brilliant little turn-based action RPG loot-fest. Only played the demo so far but really enjoyed it and bought it instantly.

Doom & Destiny - Turn-based, humorous JRPG-style game. This one is 400 points but I'm thinking about buying it. Seems to have some nice production values.

Cursed Loot - Another dungeon crawler experience. I'm a sucker for loot and skills and this game has both.

Mortal Legacies - Real-time action RPG. Only played the demo but was intrigued by what I played. Seems to have an interesting story as well. Reminds me of Zelda meets a JRPG.

Now to actually play all these games through. It's like being a kid on Christmas and getting a ton of presents. I'm suddenly loving my Xbox that much more.

fadedc January 6th, 2013 19:37

Thanks for the posts, I haven't booted up my XBOX 360 in months but I may have to take a look now. Not a RPG, but Tom Chick recently wrote a good review for Planets Under Attack for the XBOX, which appears to be a downloadable title.

Bastion is a fun and creative game, but the RPG elements are definitely minimized. Still may be worth checking out if you want something a little different.

Fluent January 7th, 2013 01:08


Originally Posted by fadedc (Post 1061178377)
Thanks for the posts, I haven't booted up my XBOX 360 in months but I may have to take a look now.

No problem. These games are definitely worth a look. I'll try to write some more impressions as I go along to help people who read this decide which games would be right for them.

Let's start with Cursed Loot.

Cursed Loot is fantastic (you'll hear me say that about many of these games). For 80 points it's pretty staggering how much fun this game is. Let's take a look.

The game is a dungeon crawler where you take on hordes of bats, rats, spiders and other things. Sounds simple enough. There is lots of loot to horde, scrolls that do different things, armor, amulets, etc. You gain experience with each kill and you can unlock different abilities and skills as well as put points into various categories that make you stronger in some way.

I've only played for about a half hour but I can already tell you that this game is a blast to play, very addictive and just flat out fun. I'm playing on Normal difficulty and it's quite challenging so far. If you die the game is over so you have to be careful.

The goal of Normal difficulty is to reach level 50 of the dungeon. I'm 6 levels deep in about 15 minutes. I'm a Beserker and there's quite a few different classes/races you can be.

The little touches really make this game shine. There are various traps and pitfalls you have to watch for in the dungeons. Occasionally you'll come across a "?" that starts a text mini-quest. The mini-quest will give you options of how you want to handle the situation, and can reward you with unique encounters and loot depending on how it plays out. Awesome.

I'm loving this game! I can't say enough about it. If you like dungeon crawling RPGs, you must pick this game up!

For one dollar it's a no-brainer. Eyehook Games did a wonderful job.

Fluent's Rating - ***** (5/5 stars)

fadedc January 8th, 2013 04:49

I tried the demo for Cursed Loot, it's cute. I particularly liked the little text choices that pop up. If you like that style of game though, you might want to try some of the roguelike games available for the PC if you haven't already. Most are completely free and feature orders of magnitude more depth in their gameplay.

Fluent January 8th, 2013 13:52

I'm not much of a PC gamer these days, but if I get around to it I'll check out some recommendations.

What are some good ones to try?

fadedc January 8th, 2013 23:37

Probably the 2 biggest and most popular ones are TOME and Crawl. Tome is incredibly elegent and ridiculously complex with it's huge number of clases that play very differently, each with massive skill trees. However games can take a long time once you get good enough to survive, and there's a bit less randomization then other roguelikes. Crawl provides a much more contained, faster paced experience where you pop into the middle of a dungeon and immediately start killing, but still has a lot of complexity in it's magic, class, race, and god system (much more then Cursed Loot, but not nearly as much as TOME).

Neither of these games have very good graphics, but if you enjoy Cursed Loot, you'd probably enjoy them. And most importantly they are all free and in constant development.


Originally Posted by Fluent (Post 1061178543)
I'm not much of a PC gamer these days, but if I get around to it I'll check out some recommendations.

What are some good ones to try?

Fluent January 8th, 2013 23:41

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll keep those in mind.

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