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Myrthos January 8th, 2013 14:30

CD Projekt RED - Second Project Announced?
For those fluent in the Polish Language, please tell us what this is about, but according to this post on NeoGaf, the video is about a game that is further in development than Cyberpunk 2077 and is likely to be The Witcher 3.

Sorry for bumping but I watched an interview with the CEO of CDPR and he confirmed that The Witcher 3 (he didn't say Witcher 3 but the second project) is much further along in development than Cyberpunk 2077 and will be announced in the first half of this year. Interview is couple of weeks old but I don't think it was already posted here and some of you were curious which RPG will be released first.
More information.

joxer January 8th, 2013 14:30

Not fluent in polish and won't watch the old interview - it's well known for a while there is another unnamed project in beta or nearbeta state already. Noone knows if it is TW sequel, prequel, the white wolf port or something else.
Not only that, noone outside of CDPR knows if it's RPG.

The only thing RPGwatch didn't mention so far is that the first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is set for this week. Most probably in two days (thursday). Unless Tom Ohle from CDPR wasn't joking via twitter last saturday (https://twitter.com/EvolveTom/status/286623830162690049 ).

I've read it on local online gaming site (at least I'm fluent in my own language :)), but it would be silly to put a link to that here, so one of sites who also posted about this (english):

If someone is interested into specualtions, there is a thread on the witcher board where a poster stated that in february we should see the trailer for the unnamed project which is a dark fantasy game (and that still doesn't mean it's RPG, it can be Darksiders 3 clone or whatnot MMO for all we know):

azarhal January 8th, 2013 18:08

Wasn't CDPR working on dark fantasy game that isn't based on the Witcher IP? I remember reading a rumor/news last year about that.

zahratustra January 8th, 2013 18:08

Actually the interview was mostly about CD Projekt last year's financial situation. Their income rose from 25,9 mln zł in 2011 to 42,1 mln zł in 2012. With net profit of 5,8 mln zł in 2012 compared to 4,8 mln zł in 2011.

All what he have said about their second project was that it was in more advanced stage than cyberpunk one, that it was more ambitious in scope than TWII and will be anounced and named in the first half of this year.

Cacheperl January 8th, 2013 21:25

So about 1.4 mil € profit… well. I hope it keeps going up, they've been building nice things so far.

zahratustra January 8th, 2013 21:52

Analysts expected that their profits for 2012 would be somewhere around 1.01 mil € so they have done well. Especially since they haven't released anything since TWII.

Couchpotato January 8th, 2013 23:21

E3 is in June this year, so that could certainly be the timeframe they're targeting for an announcement.

It's a given as said before and hinted at in there press release's it will most likely be Witcher 3. The project is further along in development than the cyberpunk game.

I'm so certain I will eat my hat if I'm wrong.;)

DarNoor January 10th, 2013 14:18

Does CD Project own GOG.com? If so, i wonder how much revenue that brings in. Is that included in the numbers that was posted?

Gorath January 10th, 2013 14:23

Yes, GOG is a daughter of CD Projekt. As is CD Projekt Red.

joxer January 10th, 2013 23:18

The teaser trailer is up:

JDR13 January 10th, 2013 23:21

Any links to a trailer that doesn't require an account to view?

joxer January 10th, 2013 23:26

I think if you use the facebook link it'll play without registering anywhere:

No, you don't have to reg on facebook, thank god.
Just scroll a bit down to start the vid.

DeepO January 10th, 2013 23:34

Looks really good, music sucks.

JDR13 January 10th, 2013 23:36


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061178985)
I think if you use the facebook link it'll play without registering anywhere:


I like the teaser. It doesn't give us much, but few such trailers do. Style-wise, I thought it had somewhat of an a old-school feel to it. It also reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on.

Couchpotato January 10th, 2013 23:59

Wow another CGI movie. I rarely put faith in them as they have nothing to do with the game. Still not bad even the music.

azarhal January 11th, 2013 00:17

Now the question was, is there a long time jump between the Lady killing a lots of people and her "joining" with the police-borg? Also, the art style is so mimicking 80s (check the posters on the wall). I love this! I know it's Cyberpunk setting.

I think that the trailer is using a game engine to render the scene area with CGI pasted on it. I'm saying this because a few things looks like they have 2D textures (walls, the static cops), while the guns and the 2 cyborgs clearly have over the top polygons counts (aka CGI) and mo-capping.

Stuff in fine print on the video (aka secret message at 2:14):

Release date for C2077: Late 2016 aka "When it's ready" (*cry*)
February 5th is when they announce the much closer to completion game, it also says that it's: a fully open world game with an intense story. Does open-world mean no exterior loading screen for them?

Asdraguuhl January 11th, 2013 00:18


Originally Posted by DeepO (Post 1061178987)
Looks good, music sucks.

I agree about the music.

This game is one of my most anticipated games so I was looking forward to this trailer but I have to say that I am not too impressed. The choice of music, which I did't like at all, might have played a large role. I do like the visual style though.

On the gun that the police officer is holding there is a link written on it, namely militech.com and I just checked but sadly it doesn't exist so no hidden surprise from CDPR :).

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