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Myrthos January 8th, 2013 16:02

Legends of Dawn - Kickstarter Update #6
In update number 6 of the Kickstarter Legends of Dawn (just $1K short of being funded) we are introduced to some of the non-combat parts of the game.


Maps panel shows the world of Narr and areas around Korden's Fall - village where players start the game. Maps panel takes care to display all locations that you have visited so far. It also shows different locations of interest such as inns, god shrines, entrances to dungeons and much more.
During the travel you will find wells. You can refill your water skins in them. Drinking fresh spring water is good way to refill your faith. Beware however, water skins themselves are rare and wells even more so. Remember where they are, you will need them.
In addition there is also a video showing some non-combat gameplay.

More information.

redman5427 January 8th, 2013 16:02

The game looks like it will have plenty to do, combat,crafting quests, etc. Isometric and the graphics look fine enough. Free world to travel any way you like. Not multiplayer but I can live with that. What I am wondering is if it will be any fun?

You can add all the features you want like Legend Hand of God had but it just wasn't worth the slogging along. It looks like it will be on Steam so i won't have to wait long for reviews.

SpoonFULL January 8th, 2013 17:29

These are just my thoughts, but I feel that there is not much enthusiasm for this game here (including myself) and yet they have provided us with more details about the game, gameplay footage, and rpg elements than any of the well known Kickstarters such as Wastland 2 and Project Eternity! Not to mention that the game will be released in a couple of months time!

Is this a symptom of only investing in well known developers/names in the rpg industry?

rjshae January 8th, 2013 17:43

Perhaps the fact that the game is nearly complete is the cause? There's neither a warm nostalgia factor nor a real feel of investment nor the sense of group tactics of PE or the IE games. But it does look pretty slick and I may end up picking up a copy after it's released.

Carnifex January 8th, 2013 19:49

I backed this one a few days ago, I like the old school look of it. That it's coming soon was certainly a reason that I did back it.


joxer January 8th, 2013 22:15

Goal achieved (25,469 collected of 25K asked).

Dunno about your reasons, but that game is being made in my country and I was eager to see it released (already) and kinda feel guilty for "spamming" their forum what resulted in an answer about incoming kickstarter.

RPGwatch was the first site on the internet who knew about it, so in a way, this community is this project's godfather. :)

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