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rjshae January 14th, 2013 22:42

Wildman from Gas Powered Games
Here's an action RPG/RTS kickstarter from the folks who built the Dungeon Siege games:

Wildman delivers a thrilling mix of action-role-playing and real-time strategy that only a developer like Gas Powered Games can deliver.

In brief, this is what Wildman is all about:

Going to War: Build your army and fight against opposing champions armies for great rewards in hand-crafted War Zones.

Exploring the World: Go on RPG Adventures in amazing and epic environments; discover secret dungeons; fight battles against rampaging hordes of monsters; find and equip new weapons and armor.

Evolving or Dying: Steal technology from your defeated opponents and use it against them in future battles.

Smashing and Destroying: Advanced physics and destructible environments deliver highly visceral (and bloody) combat.
Gamasutra has an article on how they are betting the farm on this one. Initial goal: $1.1 million.

joxer January 14th, 2013 22:48


ight battles against rampaging hordes of monsters
No, no and no.
Not a single cent from me on this.

Gimme battle against one AI heavy opponent and not against mindless endless respawns. Till I see that, I'm not supporting this… "Evolution"? Riiiiiiight…

rjshae January 15th, 2013 00:29

Well, we all have our preferences. :)

JDR13 January 15th, 2013 00:38

joxer is known to be easily overwhelmed. ;)

Couchpotato February 12th, 2013 01:22

Well the kickstarter is officially canceled as of today. It never would of reached it's goal anyway.

Final Stats-


pledged of $1,100,000 goal


xSamhainx February 12th, 2013 02:08

i like the prehistoric theme, but there was too much conflicting stuff coming out of the guys pitch to take it seriously. Sorry GPG, i hate to see the Little Guy go down but that's the evolutiion/natural selection nature of the industry for you. Strangely fitting…

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