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Dhruin January 21st, 2013 23:35

The Dark Triad: Akhazal Quest - Introduction
The Dark Triad: Akhazal Quest is a turn-based, isometric indie RPG in development by Autoloot. They have just hit Steam's Greenlight and are crowdfunding on their own site with a Kickstarter to come later.

But what is really The Dark Triad: Akhazal Quest?
  • A deep history with unexpected twists and many secrets to uncover.
  • Brutal and bloody turn-based combats. A brand new system where you define the degree of action & strategy and the speed of battles.
  • Choose among 5 different cool classes.
  • A brand new skills & specialty system. Customize your own builds.
  • Hundreds of quests & side quests, with non-boring intriguing dialogues.
  • A vast map for you to enjoy during tens of hours.
  • An incredible host of enemies for you to slash & crush.
  • Pets and Sacred Guardians to assist you in the heat of the battle.
  • Fully detailed characters and environments in 3D.
  • Items system with thousands of combinations and unique artifacts.
  • More than 5000 achievements.
The Dark Triad: Akhazal Quest is a 3D isometric, turn-based computer RPG game, where we’ve created our own combat and IA system from scratch, and the same goes for the story, as you can see in the sneek-peek game intro video here http://tinyurl.com/baspyau! =)

Our goal in the end is to make a funny, immersive game with a balanced mix of combat & story for all RPG fans to enjoy.
More information.

darkling January 21st, 2013 23:35

Just concept art and begging for cash.

joxer January 22nd, 2013 00:00

Yup. Call me when it's something more.

screeg January 22nd, 2013 01:17


Originally Posted by darkling (Post 1061180584)
Just concept art and begging for cash.

But didn't you read: there will be five THOUSAND achievements?! If that doesn't interest you, you are a cold fish indeed, sir! :)

rjshae January 22nd, 2013 01:24

Wait, a plate mail bikini? Hmm…

GhanBuriGhan January 22nd, 2013 12:14

The concept art is nice, and the little video is pretty well made. Team also seems to have industry experience (although making a game called "my underpants" doesn't necessarily inspire confidence :D - to be fair thats only one among many, though). We'll see where it goes, it could be interesting, but I'd like to see at least a techdemo or something. I agree it seems a bit early to go KS for this, but it's a good idea for them to start building some interest in the game before they go KS.
So let's watch how this develops.

Alrik Fassbauer January 22nd, 2013 14:47

Mis-reading : "The Dark Toad".

Autoloot Games January 22nd, 2013 20:06

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks Dhruin for posting the news =)

Actually there is a bit more than concepts, you can see some in-game screenshots at our Greenlight place.

It's true that there are many things to do yet, that's why we posted on the Concepts section rather than Greenlight's main page. I do agree that we need a demo to show first so you guys are more confident about the project. Jose Manuel, our coder, is working hard on the IA and save states for the npcs. But we already have a working AI for the group members and formations, the inventory is working, etc. Also all dialogues and lore for the first chapter are already written. We do have our propietary dialogue scripting tool and the only thing lacking is to bind all the interactive objects and triggers to it to implement it all, but for that Jose Manuel needs to finish what he is doing first.

We also have a propietary editor tool made under XNA (that's why we'll port the game to Xbox360), which for me is the jewel of the crown, where we can edit and place all our 3D models to work on the maps. This is fully functional and but pretty solid as most bugs have been removed, so we can say the 3D isometric engine is also ready, even we still have to work on the lightning and particle FX for the attacks later.

Another cool thing is that a 3D artist that worked during 10 years at Ubisoft will give us a hand. We can't pay him full-time yet, that's what we'll try to achieve when we go crowdfunding on Kickstarter, even we've put some tiers on our site for anyone who wishes to support us with the development of the game via Paypal.

We are pretty excited about the project and actually the release date is August this year, so expect regular updates from us. Any feedback and suggestions are much appreciated! :thanks:


Autoloot Games January 28th, 2013 15:31

Hi guys, probably Dhruin will post it on the news, but let me add the link here just in case so you can know about our TDT game editor.


Hope you enjoy it!

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