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Dhruin January 22nd, 2013 13:05

NEO Scavenger - On Resolution and Fonts
Daniel Fedor writes on his blog about upgrading the resolution of NEO Scavenger, which currently runs at 800x600. It's much more complicated than it sounds and an interesting read if you like data:

Before deciding on a new resolution, I thought it would be helpful to see what most users have. Unfortunately, that's one statistic the in-game NEO Scavenger metrics don't track.

However, one benefit of running one's own storefront, and hosting one's own game, is that I have website logs to turn to. It's not as good as tracking that info from within the game, but it's pretty close. So I opened up Google Analytics to take a look
Hm, that's not as clear-cut as I had hoped. The top 10 resolutions only cover about 57% of all users. Worse still, look at the lower right hand corner. That's right, there are 1336 different screen resolutions used to view bluebottlegames.com!
More information.

guenthar January 22nd, 2013 13:05

I think there is a problem with how he came up with what resolution to use. The native resolution for most standard widescreen monitors is 1360x768 (it looks best in my opinion also) and most users are mistaken about what resolution they should be using. The main reason why people use 1280x720 is because of TV resolutions being 720 and 1080 so they think that is the best resolution for a PC. When it comes to 1280x768 most of the time it is used because that is what the resolution defaulted to.

I did research and testing when I first got a widescreen monitor and first set it to 1360x768 because it was the default (not what the resolution defaulted to) and then tried other resolutions. Larger resolutions ended up making things too small for me so I decided not to go with them even though they worked well. When I tried lower resolutions like 1280x720 and 1280x768 the aspect ratio didn't look right but still fit in the screen. After testing I came to the conclusion that 1360x768 was the optimal resolution just like what I found through research.

Lemonhead January 22nd, 2013 18:49

I hate to nitpick but it's actually 1366x768 not 1360x768.

guenthar January 22nd, 2013 22:52

Sorry, maybe it was 1366x768 but both look the same to me so they are interchangeable.

PS. My desktop is 1360x768 and doesn't have an option for 1366x768 but in games some have one or the other or both.

JDR13 January 23rd, 2013 00:13


Originally Posted by guenthar (Post 1061180762)
Sorry, maybe it was 1366x768 but both look the same to me so they are interchangeable.

PS. My desktop is 1360x768 and doesn't have an option for 1366x768 but in games some have one or the other or both.

Those both seem like odd (uncommon) resolutions to me. You're not talking about a laptop, right? What size and brand is your monitor?

guenthar January 23rd, 2013 01:12

Check out the link below on this.


The 720P (1280x720) is meant only for TV and not as a computer display resolution.

PS. I was actually right when I said 1360x768 since there are several that work as a native resolution. (1360, 1364, 1366, and 1376)

PPS. This is mostly based on his conclusions that 1280x768 and 1280x720 are the most common resolutions but are actually incorrect resolutions and shouldn't be used with a PC.

Lemonhead January 23rd, 2013 02:03

I don't know how valid this is but this article claims that 1366x768 is the most common screen resolution these days. It's aspect ratio is 16:9 so it's probably a lot of laptops that went from a 4:3 ratio (1024x768) to 16:9 and just widened the screen but kept the same height.

Daddy32 February 1st, 2013 13:43

guenthar, you should always try to avoid the use of non-native resolution on LCD panels. Don't experiment. Use the only one resolution you are supposed to. If things get too small, render them bigger.

As for NEO Scavenger - oh well, what about supporting multiple resolutions? Or at leas aspect ratios a then up or down-scaling the image - but not in the current non-aliased way.

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