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Myrthos January 23rd, 2013 23:02

Nuclear Union - Updates
The Nuclear Union website has seen a few updates last week about enemies, weapons and history. Here is a bit on the Howler.

It is rumored that the howler is a hybrid of the wild boar and a dog, but itís not confirmed.
This creature has a solid corneous protection outgrowth on the big head and is almost invulnerable for the front attack. Howler is moves fast and can be very dangerous for a poorly armed man.
If howler hunts alone itís better to stay away from him on a high distance. The animal is not inclined to attack first, but it will try to scare the person with a loud low howl (for this howl the howler got its name). Attack will follow only if the person doesnít move to a safe distance.
However howler is extremely dangerous in the packs of dogs. Its behavior changes to highly aggressive. In the pack howler acts as a battering ram, tends to knock people down to allow the dogs tear the lying into pieces.
Considering the head-on armoring of the howler weapon with a good penetrating ability (rifles, sniper rifles and heavy weapons) are most effective against it. At the same time, you can shoot the howler with small arms, not aiming for the head but for an unprotected body.
More information.

Frozen Fireball January 23rd, 2013 23:02

My most anticipated game this year. I don't expect it to be a high quality product, (Although I didn't expect the same thing for Dishonored, so…) but it looks like one of those games that'll be real treat for people with a certain taste, no matter how big its flaws might be. (Kinda like Gothic or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC)

Zephyr January 24th, 2013 22:06

I can't wait. I'm really hoping this is good. Got a new PC that runs Crysis 2 fast and slick.

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