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Dhruin January 29th, 2013 14:40

Mass Effect 3 - New DLC Teased?
VG247 reports on some Mass Effect 3 screens tweeted by BioWare and presumably teasing a new DLC - one that involved eight or so writers from Edmonton:

The images below were shared separately but almost simultaneously by executive producer Casey Hudson and producer Mike Gamble on Twitter. Both images were retweeted by other BioWare staffers, but the developer has kept silent on the import.
Still, it seems pretty likely the screens are from Mass Effect 3′s next DLC, which apparently involves every writer at BioWare Edmonton. Voice work for the module was being prepared in December.
More information.

joxer January 29th, 2013 14:40

And I guess it'll cost 5000 taxfree fraud currency called Bioware points.

jhwisner January 29th, 2013 18:46


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061181878)
And I guess it'll cost 5000 taxfree fraud currency called Bioware points.

Are you talking about how they charge people sales sometimes even if they live in a state that does not collect sales tax for online sales if the company does not have a physical presence in that state?

joxer January 30th, 2013 14:13

I'm talking about you'd serve years of prison sentence in Deutschland if your prices were displayed in DEM. And it was legal currency a decade ago, now it's not.

What Origin does, and not just Origin, is inventing and working with illegal currencies on the market. Why are they doing it? Why can't they display prices in USD, AUD, JPY or any other legal currency?
Not just it's used to avoid taxes but opens a huge space for money laundry.

Ask yourself one more thing, how come Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, etc., don't work with imaginary currencies. What, they're stupid and EA's strategy is awsome? Right.

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