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Dhruin June 1st, 2007 20:04

Sacred 2 - Screens @ Worthplaying
A new batch of Sacred 2 screens can be found at Worthplaying.
More information.

Greymane June 1st, 2007 20:04

Hmm.. well, I like my female warriors in high heels and thongs as much as the next guy.. but, looking closely at the art work (as much as the quality of the screen shots will allow), I'm not that enthusiastic about the quality of the artwork (characters mostly) as I'd like to be. Maybe it will play really well. And no, I didn't play Sacred (the first one)

xSamhainx June 1st, 2007 20:07

The ponytails are what seal the deal for me. I must have this game asap

txa1265 June 1st, 2007 21:24

That one screen with the Liger gives new meaning to the term 'riding bare-back (side)' ;)

doctor_kaz June 1st, 2007 21:50

I wonder why this game supposedly will have some features on the XBox 360 version that the PC can't handle, because the graphics don't look that great.

Wulf June 1st, 2007 21:56

I think it looks reasonable but i wouldn't have suspected the seraphim was a "Fallen Angel" though.

There's more good info's at the new Sacred 2 web site. http://www.sacred2.com/

chamr June 1st, 2007 22:24


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 30440)
The ponytails are what seal the deal for me. I must have this game asap


That's good. I feel ya, brotha… :)

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