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Fluent February 7th, 2013 00:26

Installing display drivers
Hi. I accidentally uninstalled my graphics display driver. Now when I go to device manager - graphics display, it just says "standard vga adapter" instead of "ATI Radeon 3100".

How do I get it to recognize the ATI Radeon again? I have the driver downloaded, but when I click Standard VGA adapter and click update driver, it doesn't do anything.

I don't want to system restore because my restore point is too old. So what can I do to fix this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


Gorath February 7th, 2013 00:36

You have to execute the installer of the driver package you've downloaded.

Fluent February 7th, 2013 01:19

Got it working now, thanks. Had to re-download the driver and install it again. Now it's back to normal. Whew.

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