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Dhruin February 10th, 2013 22:55

Kickstarter - Project Awakened
Bob sends word of Project Awakened, a "AAA" action game with some RPG elements made with Unreal Engine 4 and built by a team that apparently assisted develop UE4. It seems ambitious for the $500k being chased, with $94k currently on the board:

Project Awakened is a genre-defying game that lets you answer the question: "Who do you want to be?" For the first time in a modern AAA action game, you will have the opportunity to completely define your dream videogame character, from abilities to aesthetics, all while playing in an action-packed world that responds to your personal playstyle.
Destructoid: “Awakened is a Game that may very well be brilliant”
  • Modular (not class or skilltree) a-la-carte ability system
  • Incredibly customizable character visualization
  • Characters that are as unique as the player who created them
Project Awakened contains a modular powers and skill system that allows players to select from a huge number of abilities and combine them in unique ways. Unlike other games which use a class system or skill trees, Project Awakened leaves every choice and ability up the player. Likewise, players will have the opportunity to completely customize the appearance of their characters. Comical or serious, rough or polished, nearly any character imaginable can be created using the Project Awakened Player Creation system. The result is a game with seemingly limitless gameplay and replay potential based on which abilities players choose.

While Project Awakened allows for players to make typical videogame heroes such as Ninjas, Snipers, or Urban Warriors, what makes Project Awakened truly unique is the potential to craft gameplay experiences and challenges that have never existed before. An invisible hero who can charm enemies to fight for her. A non-violent hero with super speed and agility racing past enemies to the goal. A man who spontaneously combusts at will and touches everyone to incinerate them. The possibilities are endless, and allow players to craft a gameplay challenge unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. The only limit is the player’s imagination.
More information.

SpoonFULL February 10th, 2013 22:55

Posted on this previously here. Backed this one straight away. Nothing like creating a hero with customisable powers to unleash in an open world.

Videos are impressive and they seem to have lots of assests from their previous version 'Hero' few years back.

The developers are also quite active in the comments section on their kickstarter pages, and I look forward to their updates on the story, mod tools and multiplayer.

Zloth February 10th, 2013 23:42

Pay $3000 and you "get to" sit in on some design meetings?? This is a reward!?

Still, aiming just for PC is a really good sign.

Having the E.T. Atari 2600 game sitting in the background - not so much! BURN THAT THING!!

Roq February 11th, 2013 01:33

Play how you want: We couldn't come up with a compelling game design so are leaving that to you. There's lots of first person shooting stuff and zombie bits and general blood and violence though.

"It may very well be brilliant". OTOH…

figment February 11th, 2013 01:33


Originally Posted by Zloth (Post 1061183732)
Pay $3000 and you "get to" sit in on some design meetings?? This is a reward!?

Ha. Not in my company it ain't but this a more creative endeavor where millions aren't on the line if it fails (on second thought).

I don't get this game. Why is it an RPG? If this was like FRUA or NWN or RPGMaker, I could see it but it sounds like more a version of Garry's Mod for UE4. They are focusing on the first 5 minutes of the game (aka create a character) and then spawning GTA/Infamous type missions or something forever? In fairness they do not reference RPG anywhere so they are not promising anything like that.

Hard to see how they are going to write a living breathing world that responds to your actions (how significant are we talking here) on a Kickstarter budget. I may keep an eye on it but at this point I just want see how some of my other kickstarters do before committing in more.

SonOfCapiz February 11th, 2013 03:25

Modding potential could turn this into the RPG it should be. The editor's really the only reason why I'll be keeping an eye on this.

SpoonFULL February 11th, 2013 03:42

With all the possible abilities and customisation (in addition to modding tools), I think that the developers will be following the development process of minecraft to keep building on the game's core.

I dream of adding control over environment elements like earth (raising pillars and concrete blocks from the ground), magnetic (lifting and bending metals), fire (pyromancy). That would be amazing!

figment February 11th, 2013 03:55

If it was more like Minecraft I could see some potential but that's not what I read. Also the Modding tools and multiplayer are stretch goals at $800K and $1MM. Its certainly possible the game will meet those goals but at current rate I'm not sure.

So maybe this is closer to a persistent sandbox Freedom Force or City of Heroes since I'm guessing special powers will be a major focus. This thing is gone be hard to balance gameplay I think.

hackbod February 11th, 2013 05:23

There is more information on it here: http://penny-arcade.com/report/edito…o-and-mod-the-

you February 11th, 2013 15:32

I simply do not get this game :(

SpoonFULL February 11th, 2013 15:41


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061183808)
I simply do not get this game :(

From what they have shown, one can relate this game to Infamous and Prototype, but with more freedom and customisation. Have a look at what these games are about.

The Hulk February 11th, 2013 18:32

I wonder if this game is any relation to a previous game project called The Awakening Project that was in development years ago that never made it to final release? The names are so similar, it couldn't help make me wonder. Here is a link, for those who never heard of it

rjshae February 11th, 2013 22:59


Originally Posted by figment (Post 1061183750)
So maybe this is closer to a persistent sandbox Freedom Force or City of Heroes since I'm guessing special powers will be a major focus. This thing is gone be hard to balance gameplay I think.

The KS statement "many of us started working on a project called Hero" made me wonder if the game is based upon the Hero/Champions rules set. If that's the case then the character-build system would already have some built in balance.

SpoonFULL February 11th, 2013 23:49

Here is a video of their unreleased Hero game:


SpoonFULL February 12th, 2013 23:55

A new update with a video on character/power customisation and single and multiplayer balancing:


SpoonFULL February 16th, 2013 16:53

New updates on customising and mixing of abilities (update 4 which is very impressive), and on motion capture.


Check the Harlem Shake customised ability video in above updates - very amuzing :D:

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