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Dhruin February 11th, 2013 15:49

Drox Operative - Going Forward
Steven Peeler blogs about working on an expansion for Drox Operative:

It seems I haven't blogged in ages. :(
First off, we have Drox Operative on Steam's Greenlight. If you haven't already, go vote for Drox Operative on Greenlight so we can get the game on Steam. Please tell all of your friends, family, and anyone else that will listen to do so also. :)
This is still pretty much unofficial, but we are working on an expansion. Unofficial in this case just means that we could change our minds and work on something else instead. At this point in time there aren't any guaranteed new features or content, but it will most likely contain at least a new race, new monsters, new components, and new quests. We do have a bunch of cool features that we think are going to make the expansion a must buy for any Drox fans. We will start to talk about the specifics once things are implemented and working.
One of the nice parts about working on an expansion is that we will be actively working on Drox. This means that we'll continue to have fairly regular patches and a lot of the smaller changes that were originally meant for the expansion will likely show up in the main game also.
As always, comments are welcome.
More information.

screeg February 11th, 2013 15:49

Steve, are you ever going to do a turn-based game?

Steven Peeler February 12th, 2013 16:50


Originally Posted by screeg (Post 1061183815)
Steve, are you ever going to do a turn-based game?

I do still hope to do some kind of turn-based game someday. I'm not sure when that might happen though.

rune_74 February 13th, 2013 02:39

I would like to see what you could do with a super hero idea in the same vein as your other games, with unique powers etc…could be neat.

Galaad December 19th, 2013 01:04

I know this isn't new news…but I just realized that Drox Operative still hasn't been greenlit, and I think that's one game that would deserve to be on there.

So I'm just giving a shout to the RPGWatch members to help support an indie dev who has provided us with a lot of fun game :)

Just vote for it on Steam's Greenlight if you can, it'll take just a few seconds :)


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