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woges February 17th, 2013 16:30

Obsidian Entertainment - Feargus Urquhart Interview part 2 @ RPS
The second part of the Feargus Urquhart's interview is up on Rock, Papaer, Shotgun.

RPS: So where does that leave crowdfunding for Obsidian as a company? Is it ultimately more of a sidestep Ė after which youíll go back to publishing more traditionally for your projects? Or has it been a transformative experience for all of you?
Feargus Urquhart: These are enjoyable games to make. I think it would be great to keep on making them. It helps us build a brand. So thatís where itís transformative. Itís going to change our business, absolutely. Is it going to change the entirety of our business? No. I would still love to make Fallout: New Vegas 2, or whatever. Or even take Eternity at some point and have Eternity the [Infinity Engine] games and then Eternity the big open-world CRPG. I think that would be really cool.
Nothing stops us from being able to do those two different things. Itís going to make us look at Eternity as a brand. What else can we do with it? I want to hook up with the Pathfinder guys and see about doing a Pathfinder Eternity world book thing. It sounds a little weird, butÖ A card game. A board game. Iíve already been chatting with Cryptozoic Entertainment. We have nothing going on specifically, but they have a lot of experience in board games and card games. Thatís whatís going to be transformative.
But overall, we still love making those big games. I donít think we have to say we have to do one or the other.
More information.

ChaosTheory February 17th, 2013 16:30

"and… and lunchboxes! I want Eternity lunchboxes in the hands of school kids. And I want everyone to have a Forton bobblehead on their desk, and even a Sagani hula dancer on their dashboards! It sounds a little weird, but…"

joxer February 17th, 2013 19:47

I don't want bobbleheads from Obsidian games.
Too EAish.

Drithius February 17th, 2013 19:59

Wouldn't mind a Morte bobblehead.

Ragnaris February 17th, 2013 22:18


Originally Posted by Drithius (Post 1061184743)
Wouldn't mind a Morte bobblehead.

Now that would be interesting. Not sure how they'd make one though. Perhaps a skull on a stick?

rjshae February 18th, 2013 02:19

Not even an HK-47 talking action figure with meatbag accessory? :)

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