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Dhruin February 18th, 2013 13:23

Wasteland 2 - Kickstarter Chat @ Nowgamer
NowGamer has an interview with Brian Fargo focusing on the Kickstarter angle:

What stage is your game at?

At this point we are at approximately the halfway point in the development cycle for Wasteland 2. I have us on a 6/6/6 plan, which had us finish all the pre-production including all the heavy lifting on design for the first 6 months.
The second 6 months is all about integration of the assets such that we can fully play through and get a total sense of the experience. And the last 6 months is one in which we focus on iteration of the ideas, build in more nuance and get the feedback from beta testers in.
It is critical to have plenty of time for iteration on an RPG as we need to accommodate for many different play styles. We will have a video demo in the next few weeks which shows off first pass at the HUD, combat, skill usage and conversation.
More information.

ikbenrichard February 18th, 2013 13:23

The last time i was so excited has been more then 10 years ago. Fallout 2 memories, so great.

rjshae February 19th, 2013 00:04

A 6/6/6 plan? Sounds wicked…

tomasp3n February 19th, 2013 02:07


Originally Posted by rjshae (Post 1061184888)
A 6/6/6 plan? Sounds wicked…

Yep, this game is going straight to hell. Have to agree with Ikbenrichard though, the last time I was this excited about a game was…well probably Dragon Age or maybe Fallout 3. None of those delivered what I was hoping for. But so far WL2 looks to be excactly what I want in a game.

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