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Dhruin June 5th, 2007 16:19

Fallout 3 - Teaser Soon…
Bethsoft's Fallout 3 teaser is imminent, with the site updated with a new image that says "Please Stand By". We'll update as soon as it changes…
More information.

Asbjoern June 5th, 2007 16:19

It seems the Bethesda/ZeniMax servers are down.

txa1265 June 5th, 2007 16:55


Originally Posted by Asbjoern (Post 30720)
It seems the Bethesda/ZeniMax servers are down.

They are preparing to blow our minds … ;)

Rendelius June 5th, 2007 16:56

Normally, updates happen at 18:00 CEST.

xSamhainx June 5th, 2007 17:23

yeah, I was chillin on the boards last night at like midnight-ish, had it up in the background while I was surfing and doing some other stuff. It was a pretty desperate, rancorous scene there, a new "WHRES THE VIDEO!?" thread every couple minutes. Funny really, I was kinda half-drunk finishing up some beer in my fridge, having a good laugh at some of the histrionics in the threads that persevered.

edit- Oh man, I just checked it again and that "PLEASE STAND BY" is still up, that was driving em crazy. They were thinking it was any minute now, prolly ready to come outta their trees at this point!

Dr. A June 5th, 2007 17:25

Oh boy… Let's hope the game will live up to expectations *crosses fingers*

Prime Junta June 5th, 2007 17:30

The slightly screwy RPG (as in tankbuster, not as in game) sight makes sense (kinda), but what's with the Indian brave?

doctor_kaz June 5th, 2007 17:32

I'm eager to see the teaser too. Too bad it probably won't be anything in engine, but I could be wrong.

xSamhainx June 5th, 2007 17:40


Originally Posted by Prime Junta (Post 30727)
The slightly screwy RPG (as in tankbuster, not as in game) sight makes sense (kinda), but what's with the Indian brave?

"Probably the most famous American B&W test pattern is the so-called "Indian Head" monoscope pattern. This pattern was originated by RCA in 1939; it was designed to be generated using a special tube called a monoscope, a CRT which had a metal plate target on which the pattern was printed. The black lines of the pattern would interrupt current flow as the pattern was scanned to provide the desired video output. These tubes could only handle black and white - no shades of grey hence they had to be simulated either with a halftone dot pattern or with patterns of fine lines."

Jaesun June 5th, 2007 18:12

I'm still expecting Oblivion with guns. Hopefully they will show in game footage.

zakhal June 5th, 2007 18:56

Well the teaser is on now.

kalniel June 5th, 2007 18:58

Requires quicktime??!!>:O

Grolav June 5th, 2007 19:00

The end of the world occured pretty much as we had predicted:
Too many users, not enough bandwidth.

zakhal June 5th, 2007 19:05

Atleast the music is same as in the previous fallouts (som precryed abt that iirc).

Dyne June 5th, 2007 19:07

All pre-rendered, meh.

txa1265 June 5th, 2007 19:30

If you are like me and have been unable to connect, there is a download at FileShack … only 35 minutes left …

Dyne June 5th, 2007 19:41

Here's another link at FileFront.

Bossman June 5th, 2007 19:50

New mirrors are up @ ComputerGames.ro + Gamershell and Fileplanet

Asbjoern June 5th, 2007 19:56

Available on YouTube.

doctor_kaz June 5th, 2007 20:02

Supposedly the trailer is in-engine. If so, it's definitely 1st or 3rd person. No gameplay, but then again, it's just a teaser, so I didn't expect much. Definitely has the mood though.

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