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Couchpotato February 24th, 2013 18:38

RPG After Reset announced
Seems we have another indie developer trying there hand at a fallout like unity game. The concept sounds good. But be warned something about the project as posted on the NMA website bring doubt on the project.


After Reset™ - a classic roleplaying open word game with old school top view, which action takes place in the future on Earth dying slowly after nuclear cataclysm that buried nearly all life on the planet.

Planet Earth. 132 years after the "Reset," the thermonuclear apocalypse which ended human civilization. Around one third of the globe is covered by "Yellow Zones," where the ruins of cities are covered with radioactive dust. In these areas, Anarchist "Survivor" groups have taken control, and uncontaminated food and drinking water are valued at parity with human life. Another third of the Earth is in the agony of the "Red Zones," the epicenters of the deadly anomalies which arose as a result of a nuclear chain reaction in the atmosphere, and the morphing of the planet. The majority of terrestrial organisms are not capable of surviving in the "Red Zones," which makes it a perfect home for mutants and "guests" from deep space. The planet is unrecognizable and empty…


• DEEP AND EMOTIONAL STORY: it makes you feel nostalgic for the classics of RPG, such as Fallout 1/2, Torment Planescape, or Baldur’s Gate.

• REALISTIC AND SERIOUS ATMOSPHERE: you are immersed in the tragic story of a dying world, surviving every day traveling among the ruins and anomalies, stealing and trading information, and interacting with other survivors.

• BRANCHING CHARACTER-DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM: Think, plan, and play through the development of your character in any way you choose, using our huge system of characteristics, items, perks, and skills, in the style of the best features of D20 and S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

• TOOLSET FOR CUSTOM CONTENT CREATIVITY: build and share your own adventure modules at the post-apocalyptic world of After Reset™ with the powerful Wormwood Toolset™ of the sort of Aurora/Electron Toolset.

• MULTYPLAYER PERSISTENT WORLDS AND FREE DEDICATED SERVERS: launch your own dedicated Persistent Worlds on the basis of custom made modules and play on them with your friends.

Fluent February 24th, 2013 22:19

Looks promising. I will definitely keep my eye on it.

Man, the PC just has a ridiculous amount of cool RPGs, either coming in the future or already released. There's not enough hours in the day to play them all.

porcozaur March 9th, 2015 23:17

http://store.steampowered.com/app/335850/ now on steam ea (46e :lol:)

txa1265 March 10th, 2015 00:31


Originally Posted by porcozaur (Post 1061309991)
http://store.steampowered.com/app/335850/ now on steam ea (46e :lol:)

Thanks for the link!

Funny - all I saw was 'February' and thought the thread was current … but I remembered hearing about the game. 2 years old :) Still interesting!

Couchpotato March 10th, 2015 00:43

I actually forgot I made this thread back in 2013 as it was for a different version of the game. Since then it was funded on kickstarter, and I covered that on the front-page.

porcozaur March 10th, 2015 01:15

from those comments in the hub, dont think it will last long on steam :lol:

this is the game right now for 50$

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
Beginning of the Prologue chapter which includes:
- general intro movie
- deep character creation
- in-game intro
- various of world interactions
- various in-game items
- interface

figment March 10th, 2015 03:29

As a kickstarter contributor, I'm more than happy with the current status. Actually, I'm really excited about this game since I think they have the mindset to make a great Fallout type game with better graphics.

Just have remember its going to be a long wait but the impatient ones are unhappy and expect it done now. If I did not contribute early, I would not buy at this time or would treat it as a preorder which happens to have alpha access. To think that early access equals full game is unfortunately demanding too much of most games in EA.

CRD March 25th, 2015 07:06


Originally Posted by figment (Post 1061310054)
Just have remember its going to be a long wait but the impatient ones are unhappy and expect it done now.

I disagree, I think that it isn't that people are impatient but that after 9 months of the funded KS campaign, they only have that to show.

And people have been burned so many times with some EA's and KS that when you see a project in that state after so many months and asking for 45 bucks, you can only at best be skeptic

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