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Myrthos February 25th, 2013 19:32

Mage's Initiation - Update #3, New Tiers and a Sneak Peek
The Mage's Initiation Kickstarter brings us info on the new tiers they have added for $50 and $70. The Kickstarter is currently at $52K out of the asked $65K with still 25 days to go, so it looks like it will reach its goal.
In addition a small peak into the development is given with a video showing artist Jeremy Kitchen scetching a scene extension of a wilderness area in Iginor.

More information.

Zephyr February 25th, 2013 19:32

Interesting video. I do some painting and have a deep interest in all mediums. What has always astounded me over the years is what your eye sees and what your brain wants to see. I have several books on Rembrandt and I love to study his sketches. With pen and ink and a bare minimum of lines and indications, he can create a huge panoramic landscape. Seen in isolation, the drawing looks like a disjointed collections of scrawls and squiggles, but your eye and brain assemble and fill in whatever is missing to create what the artist intends. Fascinating, as Spock would observe.

Fluent February 25th, 2013 22:28

Zephyr, that does sound fascinating. You can kind of see that principle in other areas of game development. It seems sometimes games are built to let our imagination fill in the blanks as it were. Cool stuff.

Just watched the main video for Mage's Initiation. I played a point and click adventure game a long time ago, don't even remember what it was or anything, but I do remember it was quite fun at the time. This one looks pretty good and I will probably give it a shot when I'm in the mood for something different than the standard RPGs I play.

I'm convinced Kickstarter is the best thing since sliced bread, though. Sooo many new games are coming, it's crazy really. I'm glad that a lot of them are successful and we will be seeing a bunch of diverse, new RPGs on the market before long. It's a great time to be a PC RPG gamer.

guenthar February 25th, 2013 23:43

You should get the Quest for Glory collection on gog since this game is in the same vein as those. It is a very unique series of games that hasn't been imitated upon very much and even the original developers decided to go a different route. I am glad that people are trying to make more of these types of adventure/rpg games again.

PS. I really recommend Quest for Glory 4 if you just want to play one of the games since it is the best of the series.

Fluent February 26th, 2013 00:20

Thanks, guenthar. I will keep Quest for Glory in mind.

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