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Crilloan February 25th, 2013 21:55

IWD help!
I clubbing the classics I never played, doing Torment and IWD now.

I have just arrived at trials of the luremaster (playing it inside the original campaign and directly in HoW)

In the first dungeoun, were the knights are supposed to be buried.
Every one dies, except my bard, with 5 hp left..

Is there any way to get temple services and resurrect the rest of my party?
I have not gained access to the castle yet.

I have older saves but it would be kind of fitting to keep on playing.


JDR13 February 25th, 2013 22:03

Been too long since I've played IWD to remember TotL that specifically, but this might help you.


Crilloan February 25th, 2013 22:08

I read it very carefully, trying not to spoil myself.

But I could not find any reference to any temple services in the area were you start.


Thrasher February 26th, 2013 00:02

The joy of this game is figuring out how NOT to get killed in the first place. :) Torment, is the opposite. ;)

SirJames February 26th, 2013 08:41

I just reload if anyone dies and the clerics are too low level to raise dead.

If you REAAAALLLLY can't get past this section and it's frustrating you to the point of quitting then


Cheat yourself some Rod of Ressurection or something along those lines and have the self control to not abuse it too much. :)

Also, having a small party is generally easier than a big party. All you ever need in the infinity engine games is a Half-elf Cleric/Ranger. ;)

Maylander February 26th, 2013 10:12

I can't remember specifics either, but I really doubt it. Temple services generally aren't that wide spread. Temples are fairly rare in IWD, so you might as well reload when you lose someone.


Originally Posted by SirJames (Post 1061185955)
Also, having a small party is generally easier than a big party. All you ever need in the infinity engine games is a Half-elf Cleric/Ranger. ;)

Works really well in BG2, but there is no dual wielding in IWD (just a weird extra attack thing with your main hand weapon), so it's not all that great there. I find IWD easiest with 2-4 characters myself, and the most fun with only 2.

Also, you don't have access to Ironskins etc like you do in BG2.

Crilloan February 26th, 2013 10:29

Guess I have to reaload or use a cheat and wake up the cleric.

I started with 4 characters, not trying for the optimal powergaming setup but RP in my head. Paladin, Bard (war chant of sith is very nice), fighter dualed to cleric at lvl 5 and a half elf fighter/thief.
Then Came a ranger that I dualed at lvl 13 (well that was smart.., wont gain back his abilities ever..)
And then I had all this loot to carry so a fighter dualed to mage at lvl 7..

Im just to greedy when it comes to the loot, If I cant carry it, I sometimes make up an excuse that i "need" another one in the group..

Is there an obsessive hoarding disorder in CRPG?, OHD?

I collect all this potions that I never use, my fighters keep an abundance of weapons because, you know "they might come in handy.."


Maylander February 26th, 2013 10:57

Hah, I do the same thing, which is why I'm not a big fan of limited inventory. I even end up casting Bull's Strength on sorcerers and what not in NWN2 just so they can carry more loot.

In BG2 I give the weakest characters (typically Edwin or similar) a belt of strength to let them carry more. Who cares about combat performance? It's all about being able to carry the loot to the nearest vendor!

Dr. A February 26th, 2013 13:32

Yup, same here. I hoard so much in videogames that when I started playing World of Warcraft, I exclusively played as the Horde :D

The Infinity Engine games all had such limited inventory, it drove me nuts! When I finally found/bought bags of holding and other containers, it was such a relief.

One of the reasons why I love Gothic - unlimited inventory! Yeah, its unrealistic but it gave me less hassle.

Alrik Fassbauer February 26th, 2013 15:51

At one point I took the cheat with that giant ogre (was it an ogre ?) as a kind of companion. ;)

Uh … It's so looong ago … I just can't rememver anthing precisely anyore …

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