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Dhruin March 2nd, 2013 23:59

Dark - Trailer
Kalypso has released a trailer for their upcoming vampire stealth/action/RPG, Dark:

More information.

joxer March 3rd, 2013 00:00

Um… Somewhat I'm not convinced. Where's the story or teasing it?

Roq March 3rd, 2013 09:16

Been there, done that, didn't buy the teeshirt.

xSamhainx March 3rd, 2013 09:27

Looks pretty straightforward: Youre a vampire, and you sneak around killing people/enemies using your vampy powers.

Sounds like a good one for the kiddies

Kordanor March 3rd, 2013 17:04

Nice atmosphere and I guess they chose goth music of similar style as Vampire: The Masquerade by purpose.

But yeah…after Legends of Pegasus and Omerta: City of Gangsters I wouldn't buy anything from kalypso without having seen some reviews.

JDR13 March 3rd, 2013 19:55


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 1061186721)
Sounds like a good one for the kiddies

Yeah, the trailer reminds me of VtM-B except with the RPG elements stripped away. I think "action" is the key word here.

Fans of the Legacy of Kain series might dig this.

Couchpotato March 3rd, 2013 23:32

Reminds me of Deus Ex Human Revolution just with different color tints instead of yellow. It's kalypso so buyer beware.

Zloth March 5th, 2013 02:25

Mental note: read the reviews for this one.

Sacred_Path March 5th, 2013 16:11

That video + title is the very definition of trying too hard. Also, vampires? lolmao

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