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rjshae March 13th, 2013 21:44

Bloom: Memories
Not sure I can fully wrap my head around this one yet, but it sounds intriguing and the artwork looks excellent. For some reason the story reminds me of the animated film '9'.


JDR13 March 13th, 2013 22:10

Um… is that a man or a woman doing the introduction?

SpoonFULL March 13th, 2013 22:34


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061188189)
Umů is that a man or a woman doing the introduction?

It is a 'he' as you will read from the project description, although I agree and see the reason for your question!

rjshae March 13th, 2013 22:51

I believe that is Dani Landers, per pic down in "The Team" section. Perhaps she's a little tomboy-ish looking, but whatever. Her work speaks for itself.

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