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Myrthos March 17th, 2013 22:10

Mage's Initiation - Updates #15 & #16, More Swag and Reddit AMA
As the Kickstarter for Mage's Initiation has crossed the $90K two new winners were selected who get to receive some goodies.
Furthermore they are doing a Reddit AMA.

Salutations, initiates! We trust you've had fun with the demo. The feedback you're providing is invaluable to us, and please remember to report any bugs and crashes in our Technical forum.
This is just a quick message that we'll be doing our Reddit AMA, it starts in about 15 minutes. The link is now live but we'll be showing up to answer your questions at 1PM EDT.
We're also very happy to say that between the vast climb in pledges overnight both here and on PayPal, we are now less than $2,000 away from our next stretch goal at $95,000! Thanks again so much for your generous support in helping us make Mage's Initiation even bigger and more epic, we're just itching to see what the twilight days of our Kickstarter will bring us!
More information.

Dhraiden March 17th, 2013 22:10

From the Reddit AMA: interesting bit of drama concerning some disgruntled former employee (who worked on the Al Emmo proj?) feeling as if he did not get credit for work done or something.


Both sides are prob not telling the whole story but it's a juicy bit of gossip I probably shouldn't indulge in passing on but couldn't resist XD

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