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Myrthos March 20th, 2013 18:13

Sovereign - Work In Progress
Charles informed us that a development update for Swords and Sorcery: Sovereign is available that gives some information on character creation, inventory and stats.

The character creation screen above shows one of several steps involved in creating a character: choosing the character portrait. The first few steps involve choosing a class, a race and a gender. these three are listed at the top left. The chosen portrait will be there as well as the character’s name. With these choices made, you get to distribute five aptitude points. These can either go in attributes, resistances, skills or craft. The first decision you will be confronted to is whether to concentrate on attributes or whether to include skills or crafts for a better rounded character.
- Hovering over a choice makes a description appear, which includes (or will include) requirements.
- Some skills require other skills and cannot exceed their value. Swords, for example, require proficiency in pugilism. If your character has a score of 3 in pugilism, sword proficiency cannot exceed 3. Other skills require and cannot exceed one or several attributes. Pugilism cannot exceed strength, accuracy and dexterity divided by three and rounded down.
- The same goes for crafts (they can have either attribute or skill requirements, or both). Crafts are optional and choosing to learn or improve one instead of adding that point to an attribute or skill typically makes a less proficient combattant. But it is a big world awaiting you and not everything will be about winning battles.
- Skills marked with an @ are active skills. These add options in battle whereas passive skills unlock other things. Two Handed for example is a passive skill that allows the character to wield two handed weapons, given he/she has the skill to wield the one-handed variety. Even if the two-handed score is higher than the weapon skill that corresponds to the weapon the character has equipped, the score that will be taken into consideration will be the lowest of the two. @Stealth, on the other hand, is an active skill that gives the character the ability to “become unseen”, which in turn allows the use of other skills. While rogues start with good knowledge of Stealth and associated manoeuvers (without need to spend aptitude points), any character can learn to do the same if you choose to have them do so. There will, however be a limit to the number of skills and crafts a charactercan learn.
More information.

Dean March 20th, 2013 18:13

Looking good Charles. I'm liking what I'm reading.

rune_74 March 20th, 2013 18:18

I'm going to buy this, you already know this charles.

Carnifex March 20th, 2013 18:30

Aye, I'm ready to throw money at this asap.


rune_74 March 20th, 2013 18:45

Matter of fact, need a beta tester? My claim to fame is being the beta tester on all eschalon games:)

Santos March 20th, 2013 18:48

The graphics are looking sharp!

Charles-cgr March 20th, 2013 18:48

Thanks everyone. I'm not quite there yet Rune but I'll keep that in mind :)

Caidh March 20th, 2013 21:30

Looks great - really can't wait for this!

Dajjer March 21st, 2013 00:45

Okay, who took my time machine. I'm tired a waiting fer this game ta come out. Give it back now!!!!!!

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