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Warmark March 21st, 2013 19:25

Might and Magic X Announced
Good news for turn based fans:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 21, 2013 - Today, Ubisoft announced Might & Magic® X Legacy, just in time to showcase the game at PAX East. Developed by Limbic Entertainment, a team of devoted Might & Magic fans, Might & Magic® X Legacy brings a new chapter to the Might & Magic RPG series, with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features.

In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, you will play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and around Karthal. The city, on the verge of secession, is prey to competing factions vying for its control. Your actions will determine the fate of the city. Might & Magic X Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic first-person RPG genre. Create and lead your group into an exciting world and battle powerful mythical creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures. Through a turn-based gameplay system, defeat creatures and bosses to accomplish unique quests and make your way through dangerous dungeons, cities and labyrinths full of traps. Dive into vintage Might & Magic and play old school, new rules!

Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Ise…ature=youtu.be

Myrkrel March 21st, 2013 19:39

That is good news - looking forward to hearing more details. Anyone know much about this Limbic Entertainment?

sherwinz28 March 21st, 2013 19:51

That video doesn't look bad at all. Not sure how I feel about the pop up damage/level ups yet. I'll most likely buy just to give them some support into one of my favorite series.

Moorkh March 21st, 2013 21:01

Wow - I didn't see that coming. I was so certain I would be disappointed…

…and then I saw that trailer and I literally felt tears at the corners of my eyes. Was it those tears, or did movement even seem square-based? Gotta watch again right now!

Edit: Yes! Square-based it is! The joy! And "I am Sheltem, Lord of Terra", too! Might they converge the two M&M universes, even?

Quick, now, sleepy RPGWatchmen, put it on the front page! Might even beat RPS to it, yet. ;)

Emergency edit 2: How dare you merge the threads?! Now my postings look redundant! The embarassment! :embarrassed:

DeepO March 21st, 2013 21:18

TB grid blobber, AAA publisher.
This sure is interesting :).

aries100 March 21st, 2013 21:26

Ubisoft - Trailer Announces Might and Magic X
Polygon brings us news of Ubisoft releasing a trailer which announces Might and Magic X.
A quote on what what the game will be like - you can watch the trailer here.

The game picks up after the events of the previous title, 2011's Might and Magic Heroes 6. Players will send their character, one in a party of four heroes, into a world of political intrigue and warfare between competing factions. The paths players take and the actions they choose will define the fate of the in-game city of Karthal. Along the way players will battle fantasy creatures and enemies in a turn-based battle system, collect ancient treasures, complete quests and explore dungeons, labyrinths and towns as they unravel the story.
More information.

Ryder March 21st, 2013 21:26

I am filled with dread. God I hope it's good.

JDR13 March 21st, 2013 21:26

First-person… yep!
Party-based… yep!
Turn-based… yep!
Open-world… yep!

This almost seems too good to be true. Although I would definitely prefer if it was free-roaming as opposed to grid-based movement. I was also hoping for more than 4 party members since it doesn't look like there will be hirelings in this game.

*Edit* After watching it again, it does look like there are spots for hirelings on the GUI.

The most surprising thing though is that it's scheduled for a 2013 release.

Moorkh March 21st, 2013 21:33

This is so much better than I'd dared hope.

Square-based movement. Turn-based combat. Party first person. Sheltem, Guardian of Terra! A Might&Magic this is indeed!


Edit: Off to eat my oh-so-jaded words from earlier this week… :P

Nameless one March 21st, 2013 21:33

Sounds good on paper but I try not get excited about this because it's Ubisoft we are talking about here.

TheMadGamer March 21st, 2013 21:35

Out of the 1'25" video only 13 seconds of footage are of actual in game scenes. But that 13 seconds doesn't look bad. I think there's hope this game could be good.

azarhal March 21st, 2013 21:37


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061189308)
First-person… yep!
Party-based… yep!
Turn-based… yep!
Open-world… yep!

New Rules!

I'm actually wary of that one…

rune_74 March 21st, 2013 21:39

That looks surprisingly good. Anyone else get a weird tron vibe from the first 30 seconds or so…could just be me.

redman5427 March 21st, 2013 21:39

One of the most obtuse, show nothing trailers I have ever seen. 4 characters and a UI that looks exactly like MM9. That's all I got out of it.

I guess we will be waiting for a good while for real information out of them.

Menigal March 21st, 2013 21:40

Hmm… Hmm, I say. This may be worth keeping an eye on.

Vitirr March 21st, 2013 21:52

I'll repeat the message I wrote in the older thread.


Forge your own tactics:

Through the Might & Magic traditional and acclaimed first-person turn-based gameplay system, lead your team of four Heroes in their journey!

Choose your gender among four different races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, the choice is yours! Each race also boasts three unique classes, each one having their own skills and abilities.

Defeat creatures and unique bosses, fulfill challenging quests, level up your group, and earn new powerful artifacts.

Classic RPG at its finest!
Turn based, first person, party based, different classes and races…

And there's an official site with a trailer.

There is hope friends :)

Caidh March 21st, 2013 21:59

I am SHOCKED by this, and on cloud nine now. I'll echo Moorkh here - its far better than I could have hoped for - much less expected.

The trailer taking the time to show (and voice) things from the original series gives me hope that they are targeting fans of the original game and not just mass marketing it.

This will be a day one purchase for me (especially considering Ubisoft says they won't use the always on-DRM anymore).

I'm SO excited now!

Charles-cgr March 21st, 2013 22:00


Originally Posted by Moorkh (Post 1061189309)
This is so much better than I'd dared hope.

Square-based movement. Turn-based combat. Party first person. Sheltem, Guardian of Terra! A Might&Magic this is indeed!


Edit: Off to eat my oh-so-jaded words from earlier this week… :P

Square based movement? That might be stretching it. did I miss something?

DeepO March 21st, 2013 22:02


Originally Posted by Charles-cgr (Post 1061189322)
Square based movement? That might be stretching it. did I miss something?

The last of the trailer´s in-game snippets (around 1:07) strongly hints at grid based movement.

redman5427 March 21st, 2013 22:06

I wouldn't care if it has turn-based as long as we can shut it off and it's only turn-based for combat and we can still go anywhere in real time.
Hexes in combat sound like Kings Bounty which I don't need another. I want a real successor to Might and Magic. Huge world. Promotion quests. Loot. Character progression.

Don't ship it til its done this time.

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