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Myrthos March 28th, 2013 16:30

Nuclear Union - Creatures, Areas and Characters
The Nuclear Union website has seen some updates a few days ago. There is info on creatures, areas and characters. Teh following is on an area named Jet Cemetery.

In October 1962 the Moscow region’s skies witnessed an absolutely unprecedented air combat.
An unbelievable number of jets were annihilated somewhere in the Golitsyno, Uspenskoe and Odintsovo triangle. B-36, B-47 and B-52 US Air Force Strategic Bomber Divisions, with nuclear bombs including the H-bomb load were trying to breach the Moscow air defenses from the South/South-West. The bombers were accompanied by F-105D Thunderchief fighter-bombers. As a result, dozens of US fighters and bombers were shot down because they were confronted by several regiments of S-25 surface-to-air guided missiles, and a full air defense division with SU-9 and Yak-25 aircrafts. Some damaged jets did not explode in the air, but force landed. The Soviet side suffered heavy losses as well.
The early 1970s witnessed a large-scale flooding, and the follow-up swamp formation in that area.
In 2013 the long-abandoned vast marshy region is called “Jet Cemetery.” There are only a very few weird people, who for some only-known-to-them reason still live there in the hull wreckages.
More information.

Zephyr March 28th, 2013 16:30

I'm really looking forward to and hoping this is a good game. I love this kind of stuff.

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