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Couchpotato April 6th, 2013 22:28

Sanguine Nights: Darkest Blood
Team Ravenous is the latest independent developer to bring their project to Kickstarter. It's a vampire-themed action RPG entitled Sanguine Nights: Darkest Blood for the Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. The team is looking for $75,000 over the next 37 days and is hoping to cater to fans of both multiplayer and single player titles.


Sanguine Nights: Darkest Blood is a 3D multiplayer, action/RPG hybrid built upon the Unity game engine, available upon release for Linux, Mac and PC. The game itself is set in the dystopian city of New Tenebra, where ancient creatures guilty of the sin of hubris were cursed by God and rejected by the natural order, although the races of Vampirism share little in common.

Their many differences result in a perception of racial and cultural clash of a Darwinian nature, regulated by Victorian ethics and Machiavellian concerns for security and self-preservation. Each race perceives others as “savage”, “dangerous” or “inferior” and gracefully plans its dominance over the rest, while carefully maneuvering around traps set by Inquisitors, Slayers and other supernaturals carrying out their ancient feuds with the Undead.

Where Sanguine Nights truly shines is in the empowerment of players over the game's content. Stretch goals aside, the single-player experience will include many quests throughout New Tenebra which will immerse players in the mythos and cosmos of the setting. For multi-player, we will be building a set of content creation tools which will allow players of the game to enrich their experience and give their own, unique flavour to the world in which Sanguine Nights is set.

Apart from player-driven multiplayer, the game will also feature quests that can be undertaken by one or more characters, sandbox play and, upon reaching Stretch Goal VII, an immersing single-player mode.
I say give them your support. Hop on it right now.;)


Carnifex April 6th, 2013 23:00

Looks interesting enough to me to jump in. They could really use a digital tier imo, like a bonus copy of the game or something.


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