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Myrthos April 17th, 2013 17:44

Jagged Alliance: Flashback - Interview @ RPS
Rock Paper Shotgun interviewed CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund and team-mate Andreas about the new Jagged Alliance game that was recently announced by Full Control who acquired a license from BitComposer.
This is the first part of the interview about things like the Jagged Alliance lincense and their presence on Kickstarter next week to acquire $350K.

RPS: This new Jagged Alliance wont be a reboot but a sort of restart, set during the Cold War and telling the story of the founding of A.I.M. What drove that decision?
Andreas: This is the area of prequels weve seen lots of movies looking to tell origin stories. We thought this was a unique opportunity for us to look at the beginning of A.I.M. and to bring back some of the cool mercenaries and tell their early stories, looking at how they became who they are.
Lund: We want to look at why they became mercenaries, where they came from, why they joined this organisation. Why was all this founded? At least for me, if we were just going in and doing yet another dictator on an island story, we would instantly be trying to copy Jagged Alliance 2. Being put on the same shelf, even though thats not what we really want to do. Being just a copy of what has been isnt what we want to do. We want to bring something unique and a little different into the mix. And thats the story part, where we can twiddle around and change things. Because on the other side, the mechanics and the turn-based part obviously, were going to see how much of JA2 we can bring back.
RPS: Presumably the Cold War setting gives you some interesting angles on some of the mercenaries in the other games. So many of them are clearly culturally and ideologically opposed, at least on paper, at that time.
Andreas: Its also important to note that everything isnt set in stone yet. Were going to build on everything in the original games, but were also going to be listening to the fans and the modding community from Jagged Alliance2. Were going to listen to everything that comes to us.
Lund: At the end of the day, its going to be about how successful can we make Kickstarter and how many features can we add, so weve tried to come up with stretch goals that will demonstrate that. More mercenaries, destructible environments, that sort of thing. We have to look at what we can do for the amount of money were asking for as a minimum we can make a cool game but we cant make a replacement for JA2, that has been modded for so many years. Its impossible. But depending on success, we can add more and more, so hopefully thats possible.
More information.

Couchpotato April 17th, 2013 17:44

Well another prologue it seems.:roll: Still I'm excited about the game and the fact someone else is making the next game.

Kordanor April 17th, 2013 19:33

The interview sounds great. I will also be nice to maybe see some of the Characters from the first part. Maybe some insight on Mike for example? See Murray "Pops" McGillicutty when he founds the AIM? Also I'd like to see my favorite Merc Jimmy Upton again, which ended up in prison in JA2.
Of course I will also miss some characters from JA2 like Razor and Haywire, my dream team.
It's also nice that he mentioned the humor in the game. And actually the characters in the first game where even more freaky than the ones in JA2. Reuben, Wink, It…

I am thrilled. :)

Kordanor April 17th, 2013 20:00

There is also another interview at:
(Page 1-4 are German, 5-8 are English)

Interesting there was what they called multiplatform before:

Platform wise we are going for a multiplatform launch on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. We are developing with the Unity game engine, and that allows us for easy creation of those three platforms at the same time.

A tablet version port is one of the stretch goals further down the line, as we think it could be cool to play the game on a portable device. But this is secondary and not part of the main game we are pitching to the community.

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