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Couchpotato April 18th, 2013 03:18

System Shock 2 - Mod Spotlight
GameBanshee put together a System Shock 2 mod highlight article.

SHTUP--installs the high-resolution textures and fixes for in-game objects that allow the game to make the most from the large modern displays. It adds much detail to the things that surround you in the game, from potted plants, through monitor screens, up to every single graffiti.

Four Hundred--another important texture pack. It makes the game's scenery look crisp and sharp by applying high-res textures to walls, floors, doors and whatnot, while remaining quite faithful to the original mood.

Vurt's Space--for those of you who love stargazing. This mod applies nice high-res texture to the in-game windows, so you can admire the ominous beauty of the Tau Ceti system while looking through them.

SHMUP--music update! It provides the game with better quality files of the original soundtrack, so you can admire the excellent work of the composer Eric Brosius, just as he'd wanted you to hear it.

All of the above improve on the game's various aspects but don't affect the gameplay. If you don't mind to stray somewhat from the game's original feeling and concepts, there are also some mods allowing you to change such things as weapons, enemies, and AI behaviour:

ADaoB--this is a modification offering fixes to some of the original game's quirks and re-balances the gameplay. Please note that you will have to start a new game after installing, as the changes are severe enough to make the game incompatible with earlier savegames.

Rebirth--enemy models modification. It replaces the original AI models with their more detailed counterparts, that make use of modern systems' power.
More information.

Zloth April 18th, 2013 03:18

GOG did one of these, too. http://www.gog.com/news/mod_spotlight_system_shock_2

JemyM April 18th, 2013 11:31

This is the most complete and also tells you in which order to install the mods:

Note that the two weapon mods (Tacticool & Eldron Psi Amp) and Vurt's Goo aren't listed in the Banshee article.

This also do not list the SS2Tool

JDR13 April 18th, 2013 12:57

Unless you've already finished it multiple times and are just looking for a change, System Shock 2 is too good to alter with mods imo. I would use the texture upgrade mods but nothing else.

DArtagnan April 18th, 2013 13:00

I don't really know much about the non-visual upgrade mods - because I haven't tested them in-depth.

But I'd say DEFINITELY go with all the recognised visual upgrades you can get. Textures, monster models, weapon models and so on. The game looks positively archaic without them.

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