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Myrthos April 20th, 2013 00:54

Rampant Games - Can we Eliminate the Game Publisher Yet?
Rampant Coyote talks about the role game publishers still have in these days in an article named: Let's Not Eliminate the Game Publishers Just Yet…

As the battle between the titans rises into ever thinning atmosphere, they leave more room at the lower tiers for alternative approaches. Like crowdfunding, self-funding indies, etc. This is the area that excites me, and yes Ė itís the area where greater experimentation can be taken, because the risk-to-reward ratio isnít quite as high.
Itís a fallacy to believe that all the innovation is happening on the indie side, or that AAA canít take risks (they do by their very creation!). Itís not, they do, and while the innovations on the AAA side may get a little buried in otherwise low-risk conventional gameplay, there are cool new ideas coming out of AAA all the time, too.
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Lucky Day April 20th, 2013 00:54

With the growth of "app stores," official and otherwise, I think we are in a new era if this business model expands beyond just mobile devices.

The app store is kind of like a different kind of eBay. If other platforms had the same kind of democracy and not have some sort of corporate gateway that needs to "greenlight" a project I think that could be quite something.

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