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Myrthos April 24th, 2013 19:32

Original Sin - Update #28, 700K and Something Special
Including Paypal the $700K for the Original Sin Kickstarter has been achieved. This means Kyrill gets to play wih an orchestra and all backers get a bonus:

If we include Paypal in the total amount, the 700K goal goal is reached already and that means that the music of our brilliant composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, will now be performed by a symphonic orchestra!
This will be a first in the history of the Divinity games and we'll release moving pictures once the recordings are in progress. You can imagine that Kirill is very happy!!! Or perhaps not…his love for writing sheet music is legendary ;)
To celebrate this goal, ALL our Kickstarter backers will receive a free digital copy of a very unique Divinity audio CD with remastered and remixed music from "Beyond Divinity" and "Divine Divinity".
There is also this advertising of the Original Sin editor in which they show that they have the Aleroth part of Divine Divinity running in their editor.

Then there is more info on the add-ons and rewards that are available now:

  • Divine Divinity Digital Version (HD): add $5
  • Weresheep Forum Badge, In the Credits as a Weresheep, a hint: add $6
  • THE Hint concerning the Weresheep: add $666
  • Digital Artbook featuring the Art of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Map of the World of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Soundtrack of Divinity Original Sin: add $10
  • Extra Digital Copy of Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Beta Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Alpha Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $50
  • Fanday Ticket: add $150
  • Divinity Anthology (digital): add $20
  • Divinity Dragon Commander (digital): add $40
  • Cloth Map: add $25
  • Signed Poster: add $25
  • T-Shirt Weresheep Logo: add $25
  • T-Shirt Divinity Original Sin: add $25
  • Extra Box Copy of Divinity Original Sin: add $40

And there is this preview by TotalBiscuit.

More information.

Dr. A April 24th, 2013 19:32

A complete remake of Divine Divinity in the Original Sin engine would be MIND-BLOWING!

jhwisner April 24th, 2013 20:42

Looks like the shout-outs they've received from project eternity and a few others has given the final 48 hours a little extra boost. 800k seems likely at this point - not sure about them reaching the 1 million goal but hey its looking slightly more possible depending on what paypal donations are at.

JDR13 April 24th, 2013 20:43

That would make one hell of an easter egg to include in OS. :)

Carnifex April 24th, 2013 20:52

800k would be nice. I think they'll do it. Heck, 500k was nice to get!!


GhanBuriGhan April 24th, 2013 20:55

1 million still looks tough to beat, but I predict it will be close. I would currently guesstimate something around $920K for the KS, maybe $30K from paypal, plus 10 k from the RPG sites…

jhwisner April 24th, 2013 22:29

Between paypal backers and the RPGWatch and Codex drives I think that's roughly another 28k to add based on when they tweeted the totals between kickstarter and paypal broke the 700k mark. It would be pretty cool if the sum of the watch and codex donations is what pushed them just over one of the stretch goals - though it would probably be better if they smashed past even without us.

Vindicator April 24th, 2013 22:46

I’ve been on the fence with this one… even though I was a big fan of Divine Divinty.
I was hesitant because this game is due out at retail by the holidays with or without this Kickstarter… The only reason for the Kickstarter is so the developers have the funds to flesh out the game a bit more before release. But, the constant barrage of updates finally won me over.

Currently I’m at $25 for the download, but I’m seriously considering upping my pledge to $95 for the boxed collector’s edition with cloth map, which may or may not be available at retail in the US. Many of us old-schoolers still prefer a box, map, and manual, not to mention that you can't put a download under a tree… so, I predict a huge surge during the last few hours as others like me upgrade their pledges to the physical tiers… $1M is very likely.

Drithius April 24th, 2013 23:54

That editor could have so much potential… a rebirth of Neverwinter Nights style modules.

Arhu April 25th, 2013 09:48


Originally Posted by Vindicator (Post 1061194664)
But, the constant barrage of updates finally won me over.

Yes!! =)


Originally Posted by Drithius (Post 1061194671)
That editor could have so much potential… a rebirth of Neverwinter Nights style modules.

Oh how I longed for this. I remember that there was talk for a Divinity 1 editor back in the day, but it couldn't be done because the editor tools were pretty unstable and Larian had neither cash nor time to give support for them, had they been released. I'm so happy that it's now part of everything, even future games!

I already know what I want to do with it. Will just need to find the time then.

Myrthos April 25th, 2013 09:53

Hey, you have to finish your work here first! ;)

Nameless one April 25th, 2013 11:03

If dev don't do it i am pretty sure users will remake Divine Divinity and Beyond divinity in Original sin engine,that would be awesome.Also DD was meant to be turn based before publisher changed it,so someone could even remake it according to original vision.

GhanBuriGhan April 25th, 2013 11:32

Hehe, we're pushing the trend now:

If they get some more high profile coverage today (apparently they had a session with Gamespot yesterday, e.g.) we might even yet crack the 1M…

We're at ~$764K + ~24K Paypal + ~9K RPGsites = ~$797K = Reaching companions goal is a mere formality now :)

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