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Myrthos May 6th, 2013 14:36

Mars - Review Roundup #3
Here is a new mixed bag of reviews for Mars War Logs.
Gripyajoystick, 4.5/5

I have really enjoyed playing this game , the different control aspect and the gripping story line have made it a real joy to play and get addicted to. To get a good grasp of the game I was planning on doing the odd side quest while working through the main story. But in the end I was so gripped that I went through a lot of the side quests while I was going through the story line.
IGN, 5.5

While only the combat stands out as a true high-point, Mars: War Logs is at least an ambitious attempt at a budget RPG, in a much less overused setting than most. Silly Technomancers aside, it has all the pieces and ideas it needs to be something special Ė just not the writing chops or the raw resources needed to flesh them out to the level of the games it draws obvious inspiration from. The result is hard to recommend, with few diamonds to be found in the Martian rough. If you're willing to settle for occasional agate or topaz though, there are just enough sparkles here and there.
Indie Game Insider, 6.8

For all my nuances with the game, I think Mars: War Logsí most redeeming feature lies in its aesthetics. The animations, graphics, and overall visual style look and feel great for a game with low production values, a testament to Spidersí artistic skill. At a glance, it would be easy to mistake this title for a AAA game. While the lip synching animations could use some definite work, the game as a whole has a visual polish to it the developers should be proud of.
Kaboom Shark, 3.5/5

Mars: War Logs is a classic case of a game whose ambitions overreached its budget. The game has more cut corner than an OCD kidís sandwich, ranging from spotty voice acting, underdeveloped gameplay features, and rushed story progression, all of which constantly remind you of the unfulfilled dreams of a dev team that simply didnít have the time and money to make their lofty vision a reality.
But you know what? I was captivated nonetheless. A truly charming game, Mars: War Logs is so unabashedly confident in its goals and brimming with genuine effort that itís easy to overlook its stumbles and focus on what it does well, namely its fleshed out world, endearing characters and fluid combat. Itís a completely playable and enjoyable game, one that I fervently recommend to anyone interested in the premise and which I hope will see its rich setting continually explored in future games. It may be rough around the edges, but bite through that crust and youíll find a warm, gooey center within that will suck you in like one of Marsí tornadoes.
More information.

sakichop May 6th, 2013 14:36

Scores for this game are all over the place. Even within the same review, one paragraph will say how bad the game is and the next paragraph will say how great it is.

Guess I will have to play it myself to know. Fortunately it seems most everyone agrees the combat is very good and I can forgive a lot if a game has great combat.

joxer May 6th, 2013 14:43

Can't say any of those reviews is wrong, over the top or something else that'd be unfair to the game. The last one nailed pretty much with just one word. Mars is charming.

I've said the very day I've finished the game - this game has a great potential to become a franchise, all it needs is a smart publisher that could evolve it into an epic sequel like Fallout2 was.

sakichop, yes you have to play that game yourself. Everyone should.

DArtagnan May 6th, 2013 14:44

Haven't played the game - but it strikes me as one that mainstream reviewers will tend to dislike - because it's not focused on polish and production values.

Fargol May 6th, 2013 14:57


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061196607)
sakichop, yes you have to play that game yourself. Everyone should.

I haven't found a demo anywhere. And in that case I prefer not to buy a game I'm not sure about, so I depend on reviews (both "professional" and from players).

The Walkin' Dude May 6th, 2013 19:03


Originally Posted by sakichop (Post 1061196605)
Fortunately it seems most everyone agrees the combat is very good and I can forgive a lot if a game has great combat.

Agreed. If it's good and, more importantly, if there's no filler, I'll be happy. Can't stand games where you have to endure hours of combat to get to the good parts, like DA 1.

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