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Myrthos May 9th, 2013 20:12

Legends of Eisenwald - Post-Funding Update #35, Beta News
Last week an update came available for Legends of Eisenwald that informed us that patch 0.85 is out and tha the first stage of beta has been concluded, with these being the highlights of that patch:

  • French translation added;
  • Quest journal significantly expanded - quests are marked on the mini map and tabs for all, completed and not completed quests are shown correctly;
  • Personal items are displayed in the info window of a character;
  • Added calculations of payment for mercenaries and units without castle support;
  • The cost of hiring depends on the relationship to buildings owners;
  • Skills are displayed in the info window of a character;
  • Added icons of a character’s hiring status (mercenary units, followers, regular units with castle support have no icons).

They also could use more votes to get greenlighted on Steam.
More information.

rjshae May 9th, 2013 20:12

Good to hear. Probably a game I'll want to play, once the kinks are ironed out.

rjshae May 16th, 2013 22:02

They've been greenlit on Steam.

HiddenX May 16th, 2013 22:31

Great - they aim for a September 2013 release.

wolfing May 17th, 2013 02:06

Gratz on being greenlit on Steam, I voted for them but it looked like it was losing steam (no pun intended). Nice surprise to see they made it.

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