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Couchpotato May 10th, 2013 21:53

Expeditions: Conquistador - Release Date
Logic Artists sends word on their kickstartrer page that the launch of Expeditions: Conquistador is Imminent.

Hello again backers and welcome to one of the very last project updates for Expeditions: Conquistador. The long awaited and speculated release is finally at hand, and we are very eager to deliver our release build to you all, but first, the update news:


The full version of the game Expeditions: Conquistador, this very Kickstarter project is on the last leg of its amazing journey! But some of you may not know that we did a fair bit more than we promised for this game in our original goals here on KS, so you are in for an even grander gaming experience than you might be expecting!

For starters we achieved our first two stretch goals, even though we didn’t reach the stretch pledge numbers. So every time a player promotes one of their expedition members they can select from 30+ passive abilities to boost the unit in combat. Our second stretch goal also was reached, we created greater variations in character models, and further boosted the quality of the character animations as well.

We also implemented two concepts that came out of KS Backer suggestions: the Player Fortress— which you as the player can capture and improve, and the detailed camping system which also includes ‘tinkering’ a skill in which the unit can build equipment or research expeditionary improvements.

We also implemented something that we really wanted to do as well, a Multi-player skirmish mode. And while we got some negative feedback for it, if you enjoy the game, and enjoy the combat, you will most likely also enjoy the PvP. It is available in two modes oldschool Hot-seat (taking turns on the same computer, like back in the days before the internet), and TCP/IP which will allow you to play with a friend on a different computer, whether you are on Windows, Mac, or Linux system.

It has been a long and exciting road, we want to thank you for being such helpful and supportive backers, it is with your shared thoughts and feedback that we’ve been able to complete this project. Expeditions: Conquistador is something we are very proud of and we hope you enjoy it.


Expeditions: Conquistador will be available on all of the distribution channels we asked you to choose from earlier in the project, that includes GoG, Desura, and GamersGate but we are also pleased to announce that leaving Steam Greenlight and partnering with bitComposer has got us now on Steam as well. While hints have been made to that end throughout various discussionary forums around the web (including here), we wanted to wait until we had the SDK in our hands before we started getting too excited. The good news is that our preliminary work with it has taken quite nicely to our code and we’re ready to announce a release date.

But before that, Steam is decidedly not DRM-free and that may not matter to some of you but it does matter to others, so we are offering a Steam key to each of you our backers who pledged 15 dollars and up on top of the GoG, Desura, or GamersGate option you selected in the Backers Survey. If you would like a Steam key simply private message us using your kickstarter account with tagline ‘Steam ID’, send us your actual steamID in that message, and we will send a key directly to the Steam account you message to us once the keys are generated. This should prevent any of you who want a Steam version but don’t want to publicly lose your anti-DRM street cred. here on Kickstarter from being found out— if that type of thing is of particular importance to you. To be double clear, you will be getting a DRM-free key to one of these three sites: GoG, Desura, and GamersGate, and if you want a Steam key write to us, we will send you one of those as well.

Back to more news, bitComposer is doing more than just putting us on Steam, they have also offered to help with regionalizing and distribution in Russia (and perhaps Germany if all goes well), this is terrific news for us all as we don’t have the manpower or resources ourselves to do a proper Russian or German translation. We also have provided a tool for users to play with their own translations if they want to (some people requested this feature), the readme file explaining the process is included in the game build.


The long awaited release date: May 30, 2013 (Which is before the end of Q2 by a whole month!). Once the game is up on the various distribution sites we will be able to generate the redeem codes for each of you based on the platform you chose already in the surv…More information.

Kordanor May 10th, 2013 21:53

Great news!
Didn't pledge on kickstarter but I am looking forward to playing the game on steam.

cptbarkey May 10th, 2013 22:04

yep good news, will support via gog once it arrives.

Carnifex May 10th, 2013 22:08

I have high hopes for this game, really looking forward to losing myself in this old world!!!


CraigCWB May 12th, 2013 05:37

Looks like it may be good as a squad combat game. I'm having a hell of a hard time finding vids on YouTube that show much actual gameplay, though. And I'm totally gobsmacked by the way so many people who style themselves at least semipro game reviewers are saying things like "it's an RPG like King's Bounty or Heroes of Might & Magic". I guess this is what happens when people grew up in the years after the RPG genre died, eh? Now I'm that crazy guy ranting about walking 20 miles to school in the snow, uphill, in both directions, when I was a kid…

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