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javier June 19th, 2007 00:44

Indie game, Masq, PCGameplay gave it 88 out of 100
You may be interested in checking out this free minimalist Interactive Drama called Masq at www.alteraction.com

But don't take my word, PCGamer UK claims, "it is the most fun some of us have had playing a game in years"… and "the level of meaningful freedom here puts Deus Ex to shame…” and PCGameplay (Benelux) gave it 88 out of 100.

Don't expect great 3D graphics or even sound, but a noir interactive thriller where you get to be a murderer, an adulterer, a crook, or whatever. And almost every decision really changes your story. There are so many plors and endings than most likely no one will get them all (ever?)

I developed Masq but I asked permission to post this message here, and the magazines reviews are all real. I hope you like it.

dteowner June 19th, 2007 05:43

Congrats on the positive reviews. I expect many of our members will at least take a peek.

txa1265 June 19th, 2007 14:33

Gamespot mentions the release as ~2 years ago? MobyGames has it as 2002?

Is it an ongoing ptoject?

And about mature content? Moby says:

Due to the explicit content, such as swearing, nudity, sex and violence, players should be over 17 years.

dteowner June 19th, 2007 14:51

Given that the roles mentioned include murderer and adulterer, I'd probably anticipate some adult content.

javier June 19th, 2007 19:12

Gamespot is wrong. I've sent the correct info twice but they don't care to update it. Any help here will be appreciated. Maybe you know a trick I don't know to make them listen. MobyGames got it right; it was released with no promotion in 2002. Back then, there was not that many broadband users and I guess I was not smart enough to come to communities like this one. I'm still a rocky regarding posting so I apologize if I screw it.

Back then Masq players sent us very positive emails, but we're based in the US and no US magazine or US distributor wanted to touch Masq because of the adult content. This content is very light and we believe is in good taste and organic to the story, but the US is incredible sensitive to sex. Given that the game play does not depend on 3D graphics (that can look outdated) but interactive writing and that Masq is so different, finally some blogs started to write about it. PCGamer discovered it and everything started to move faster; PCGameplay in Belgium, more blogs, etc. In Masq we believe that for the first time you have a game that really revolves around your relationships with the characters and their feelings and all inside a good story universe. Most believe Masq is fun but we also belive is innovative, however you're the ones to decide. We really appreciate the opportunity you gave us to expose Masq to you.

txa1265 June 19th, 2007 19:29

Cool - thanks for taking the time to update!

javier June 28th, 2007 01:48

A few people have suggested us to check Japanese games that may similar to Masq, however I've tried some dating simulators and bishoujo and have not been able to find any game as interactive as Masq. There are some linear stories where you can make a couple of choices every few minutes, but no game where you really move the action by making choices triggering different plots. I know it's difficult to intertwine storytelling with game design given that you need to be able to do decent screenwriting and decent programming at the same time, but still amazes me not finding anything with Masq complexity level (from the interactive story point of view). Most likely there must be another games out there. Are you aware of any Japanese or Asian game that you can recommend?

Maybe I can partner with the publisher to commercialize Masq in Asia or develop something new.

And do you have any recommendations of who can translate/localize Masq for Japan? and whom to look for to promote it in Japan?


VPeric June 28th, 2007 19:47

The release date on GameSpot seems fine now.

As for the game, I'll share my impressions when I do some playing. ;)

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