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Gig June 22nd, 2007 16:51

The Mystery Scene Game
This game is based on the longest running thread ever over at another forum I visit from time to time. We'll call it…

The Mystery Scene Game

This is how our game is played: Find a screen grab or movie promo shot, or even capture a scene yourself. Post a link to your screenie in this thread and the rest of us will try to identify the film of origin.


1. Post a link to your off-site image. Don't hotlink any images directly into the thread.

2. One entry at a time, please. Don't post a new image until the previous one has been identified or expires.

3. Entries that haven't been identified will expire after 24 hours and a new entry can be submitted. Entries that have caused activity, i.e. generated attempts for a solution, must be identified by the poster when they expire. Images that generated no activity can be removed and submitted again later.

4.Keep track of any entries you post. Check in at least once or twice in order to confirm a correct answer or provide clues if neccessary.

5. Your entry must be recognizable. Capping an obscure work is fine and even encouraged. However, please try to cap something that is identifiable with that film. Don't, for instance, cap a simple black and grey transitional frame or a close-up of the back of someone's head. The goal here is to see who can recognize a cap that somebody familiar with the work could be expected to identify.

6. Cropping an image to add interest or highlight the particular detail you wish to
present is acceptable, but please don't crop in order to obscure the image. For example, If your shot came from "The Wizard of Oz", cropping Dorothty from a black and white pre-storm frame, so all that's left is a shot of Toto in his basket, would make sense. Anyone familiar with the film could identify such an image easily. Cropping out the rest of the frame would remove details that could lead someone who hadn't seen the film to make a lucky guess. Cropping the shot down to just the weave of the basket wouldn't be acceptable because it would mean everyone would be hoping for a lucky guess.

7. Discussion is allowed, players can ask questions of the poster or pick each others brains.

8. Please name each new photo 'Mystery Scene #' so that we can maintain a frame of reference.

It's also a good idea to rename your cap if you acquire it from an outside source on the Internet. Often images like this will have hints to the source material in the filename. There are lots of very clever people who can find out the name of your image (it's easy if you know how) and keep getting your caps over and over without playing the game. ;)

If you would like to play with us but don't have a way to link your images locally on your computer, you may create an album in the Nonflamer's Guild gallery. You'll need to register (it's part of the software and I wasn't able to disable the feature) but it's really fast. Your username and full name can be the same, I'm not collecting information, so put whatever you like in those fields. The software will accept any email address so you can make one up if you like. If you decide to use a real addy, however, you can take advantage of the automatic password recovery feature. ;) Contact me if you have any problems setting up your account.

If you need a full service picture hosting provider so that you can use online printing services and other features, Photobucket is hard to beat. You will need to sign up for an account, but PB is quick, easy and you can link from there if you like. Photobucket, while free, is ad driven so be warned.

So! Are you ready? Let's have some fun!

Gig June 22nd, 2007 16:58

Mystery Scene #1
I'll start us off with an easy one just to get things going.

Who is this dashing devil and from what film is this image?

Malk June 22nd, 2007 17:05

it looks like dracula…

Gig June 22nd, 2007 17:09

It's Dracula, good job Malk. It's your turn if you'd like put up a scene, or someone else can go if you'd rather.

Lucky Day June 22nd, 2007 17:14

Bela Lugosi on a good day.

Gig June 22nd, 2007 17:16

Hey now! Don't dis the Bela. :pout:

Malk June 22nd, 2007 17:25

Mystery Scene # 2
ok, this is one of my favourite films ever.


i think it's easy…

Gig June 22nd, 2007 17:29

It's err… that… that… :thinking: Good one Malk!

BTW -- Remember to put "Mystery Scene #2" in your post ;)

Jaz June 22nd, 2007 17:43

Um… Memento?

Gig June 22nd, 2007 17:45

I knew it looked familiar! :)

Malk June 22nd, 2007 17:46


Originally Posted by Jaz (Post 33175)
Um… Memento?

of course… your turn.

Jaz June 22nd, 2007 18:07

Mystery Scene #3
Oh, that was fast indeed.

This pic is a self-captured screenie of a rather more obscure film, but don't worry - it's THE trademark scene of the movie (I think).
I had to edit a small detail due to legal complications, but it does not influence the scene's recognition value* in any way.
Warning: it's a *bit* gory. But not overly so, regarding the setting.

Mystery Scene 3
*To the two people who have seen the movie, I mean

Gig June 22nd, 2007 20:32

And the crickets rule! Good selection, Jaz. ;)

Jaz June 22nd, 2007 20:42

*chirp chirp*
When I saw this flick for the first time, I was blown away by this scene and the build-up leading to it. The rest of the movie is… okay.
By the way, it's the *quite* accurate adaptation of a novel.
*chirp chirp*

Gig June 22nd, 2007 21:09

I think I got it from your clue, but I used the clue for research so I'll keep it to myself until the end in case someone else can come by the answer honestly. :)

Jaz June 23rd, 2007 12:00

Another hint: it's a movie from the early Nineties.

Gig June 23rd, 2007 13:34

Now I'm even more sure that I have it. :)

Gig June 23rd, 2007 18:11

Should I guess, Jaz, or do you want to leave it up a little while longer?

Jaz June 23rd, 2007 18:18

Go ahead! The 24 hours are over.

Gig June 23rd, 2007 18:57

I think it was A Midnight Clear. The film about a squad of American and a squad of German soldiers in WW2 who took a break from hostilities to celebrate Christmas together.

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