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Couchpotato June 19th, 2013 21:01

Thief 4 - E3 Presentation and RPS Preview
GamesHQMedia offers the Thief presentation from E3 2013. The 30+ minute clip includes cinematics and gameplay footage, It ends with a Q&A where Eidos Montreal lays out the vision for the game.

RPS also has a preview of the playable E3 demo.

In Conclusion…

What Eidos Said: ”Well, with a reinvention, it’s always gonna be a little different. And what people remember [varies from person to person].”
Also, in response to rumors of serious trouble behind the scenes:

“There have been some changes in personnel. The project’s been going on for a while. We were trying to get the DNA right – the essence of the game. It took a while because we tried a few things that just didn’t really fit. And hopefully, you’ll play it and see that we have a solid product. You know, rumors are rumors.”

My Experience: I am conflicted. As you can very obviously tell, the new Thief rubbed me the wrong way in quite a few places. AI and combat, especially, were well off the mark, and that’s definite cause for worry. Oh, and let’s not forget the linear, QTE-ridden escape scene, which felt completely at odds with pretty much everything ever – especially common sense, stealth (or even stealth-action), and the year 2013.

Thief’s level design, however, was solid, and I could see it meshing quite well with competent though basic systems and smart enemy placement if the AI gets stolen and replaced with pretty much anything else. No doubt about it, Thief needs some serious work, but I think there’s still potential. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was an absolute joy, and I can almost see the murky silhouette of a similar miracle skulking around in Thief’s gutters.

Also,there is still tons I wasn’t able to see. Other areas. More open slices of the world. Secrets (of which there will apparently be many). I’m also crossing my fingers for the story, which is still shrouded in a sooty smog of mystery.
More information.

turian June 19th, 2013 21:01

Bonus xp for headshots?!!!

Thrasher June 19th, 2013 22:01

hahaha. remember everything is the context of modern multiplayer shooters being the most popular games….

JDR13 June 19th, 2013 23:45

QTEs? XP for killing guards?

I'll be keeping my expectations in check for this one. I haven't seen anything yet that leads me to believe this is going to be on par with the previous Thief games.

sakichop June 19th, 2013 23:53

Playing the first thief game taught me that I don't like first person stealth. Apparently I didn't learn enough to not buy the next 2 and never finish them.

I think I'm smart enough now to know these games are not for me.:biggrin:

Mr Smiley June 20th, 2013 09:14

I liked the first game in the series.

But "QTE-ridden escape scene" really turns me off. If developers can't come up with proper gameplay, I'd much rather have non-interactive cut scenes.

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