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Couchpotato June 24th, 2013 09:23

Might & Magic X - Interview with Julien Pirou
The Might & Magic X webpage has an interview with Creative Designer Julien Pirou.


Who are you and what is your role at Ubisoft?

Hello, my name is Julien Pirou, and I'm the creative designer and writer of Might & Magic X Legacy. I joined Ubisoft in late 2009, shortly after the release of Clash of Heroes, to work on Heroes VI as Level Designer. Before that, I was doing maps as a fan (my best-known work for Heroes is probably the "Legends of the Ancients" campaign for Heroes V). Might & Magic X is my dream project since I joined Ubisoft and I'm very happy that it's finally happening.

Which M&M games did you play, which one do you like best, and why?

I played all of them. The first one I played was actually Might & Magic II on the Sega Mega Drive console (Genesis in the US). I was 7 or 8 at the time, and didn't go very far, but it left quite an impression on me: Corak's spirit appearing to you at the beginning, the Pegasus… and being attacked by 52 beggars and 36 giant rats two steps out of the inn in Middlegate.

My favourite Might & Magic games are World of Xeen and Mandate of Heaven. I replay them on a regular basis.

Your message to the fans?

Might & Magic X Legacy is a very special project for the Might & Magic team, both at Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft. This is our love letter to the early Might & Magic titles, as we felt it was important to pay tribute to the series' beginnings. Right now we are "stretching our muscles", so to speak, but hopefully "MMXL" is only the first step on a long and glorious road.

More information.

darklord June 24th, 2013 09:23

Hmm the link doesn't seem to work.



Couchpotato June 24th, 2013 09:33


Originally Posted by darklord (Post 1061204735)
Hmm the link doesn't seem to work.



Fixed try it now.:)

Charles-cgr June 24th, 2013 11:31

OK he fiddled with MM2 but apparently just the beginning and on a console. He qualifies, but barely :) ;)

Pessimeister June 24th, 2013 15:24

To be more accurate, it seems more like a love letter to MM6 and MM7 rather than the early games in the series. If the gentleman in question had played 1-3 more, perhaps we'd be getting a six character party rather than the later paradigm of four. ;)

guenthar June 24th, 2013 16:11

Charles: He said that he played all of them and that his first experience was with MM2 on a console.

It seems like this game is a mix of elements from the earlier games (i-5) and the later games (6-8) but I do agree that they should have had 6 characters in the party rather then the 4 they are going with. The lower amount of party members in the later games is one of the reasons why I like 3-5 more.

Charles-cgr June 24th, 2013 23:17

Actually if I read correctly he barely touched MM2. Hence my vicious attack bellow the belt.

Nah, just poking fun :)

Sacred_Path June 25th, 2013 00:59

This interview does not instill more or less confidence in me.

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