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TheGameOfMMO June 24th, 2013 20:50

[AD] SupersonicMU Redesigned [S6 Epi 3 | Hard Server | NON-RESET]
SupersonicMU Season 6 Episode 3
Official start 1 July 2013 (13PM GMT+0)

Enjoy a hard rates server with lots of customs including new events, new features and many others which are not going to make you bored even one second. We are using premium Season 6 Episode 3 files (MuEngine) that contain hardly any bugs and we alsoprepared everything perfectly so that you can play now with no more risk of DB getting wiped. Premium firewall security and automatic database backup has been added also we have prepared lots of wonderful things to be coming soon. This server is meant for International people as long as players respect the rules.

Links :

Experience 15
Item Drop 25%
Maximum Players Per Server 100-200
Servers (Hard-Non Reset)
Maximum Level 400
MuGUard AntiHack & HeartBeat systems Actived

Hunt and Kill Every 5 Hours
DoubleGoer Actived
Raklion Hatchery Every Week
Kill The GameMaster Every 2 Day
ImperialGuardian Actived
Extra Experience Every 5 hours
Dungeon Race Every 4 Hours
Drop Event Every 4 Hours
Last Man Standing Every 4 Hours
Marry Event Every 6 Hours
Monster Spawn Every 12 Hours
Scramble Words Every 12 Hours
Lottery Every 3 Days
Bring Me Every 7 Hours

ItemMix 10 Rate Default
ItemMix 11 Rate Default
ItemMix 12 Rate Default
ItemMix 13 Rate Default
ItemMix 14 Rate Default
ItemMix 15 Rate Default

(This is new management and has nothing to do with previous owner)

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