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Couchpotato June 28th, 2013 20:46

The Shadow Sun - Beta and New Screenshots
Ossian Studios relayed news that their iOS-powered RPG The Shadow Sun has officially reached beta. They also relesed four new screenshots.


The Shadow Sun is currently in beta and things have been progressing very well! With everything still on track for our summer release, we wanted to share a few more screenshots. Scroll to the bottom of our TSS page to get some new glimpses of the city of Shar, from the sacred Temple Precinct to the scummy sewers, as well as a shot of the game’s inventory GUI.

More information.

Roq June 28th, 2013 20:46

Single character with only 6 equipment slots.

rune_74 June 28th, 2013 23:51

I'm actually looking forward to this for my Ipad.

turian June 29th, 2013 00:58

butt ugly 3D on tablets…
what a huge step backwards!
i just want detailed 2d…

DArtagnan June 29th, 2013 10:59

Yeah, I would definitely have preferred 2D graphics to that. 3D on Tablets tend to be super clunky looking.

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