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Couchpotato July 1st, 2013 05:33

Legends of Dawn - Post-Funding Update #24
As many of you know Legends of Dawn is a game that requires a few patches. The developers have a new update on the games kickstarter webpage about this topic.

Unbelievable experience! Today was a whirlwind experience where we unfortunately made a series of moves that have angered Kickstarter backers, but also gave us the great success of the first two days of the sale that exceeded our expectations.

The passion and heat on Steam forum are rarely seen. Every day thousands of new users join Legends Of Dawn and it's exciting to follow up.
There are a lot of gamers busy playing and enjoying the game and those who have problems are very vocal, which is perfectly fine when it help us find and fix problems.

To those who expressed doubts or worries if we'll support our customers and improve the game the answer is clear - Yes we will, it's all we will do and will continue to do.

We'll address most important issues ASAP and then add desired features to the wish list.

LoD community is rapidly growing and we are monitoring what you are saying and we try to read everything.
Let's address a few implemented improvements:

We have uploaded another patch to Steam server (v1.02). Regarding players getting stuck - we have added Regenerate action to Options -> Controls panel. Now you can configure a key that teleports you to the last respawn point. We have also fixed small translation bug in non-English languages.

The autosave feature is also implemented. You can choose a time interval for auto-saving (never, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes). Autosaved game always takes one slot in the save game list and new autosaves are overwritten over the old one.

We have also implemented a QuickSave action. A large number of players requested this feature so that they do not have to activate Options -> Save Game panel each time they want to save the game. QuickSave simply creates new save game called QuickSave each time you press the QuickSave key. You can bind this action to any key, just as you do with other actions.

Speaking of keys - we fixed two bugs regarding key configuration. The first bug was that custom key bindings did not work until player activated the Options panel for the first time. The second bug was that camera rotations using keys did not work. Both of these should work fine now.

Also fixed is sliding after manual respawn if player pressed respawn key while moving around.

Brown screen bug - for some reason, some configurations seem not to have NVidia physics system software or its latest version. Legends of Dawn uses NVidia PhysX to move all game objects. If PhysX libraries are not installed, game will start with black background. We are still investigating why this bug happens since PhysX should be installed with the game. In the meantime you can install the PhysX directly from NViadia site at


Don't forget to reboot your computer.

Next on our list are few assignments regarding movement. We plan to implement left+right mouse key movement forward, and then movement using point'n'click method - that player's character will move by clicking on the location he/she wishes to go. The camera will be improved too.

Some PC configurations don't perform well although in many cases weaker configurations when set up properly will work well. Streaming engine sits heavily on your computer resources so if the configuration is bloated or weak you'll experience low FPS. We'll continue to optimize the engine.

Huge thanks to all who try to offer information in constructive and inspired way. Big thanks also to our friend at Humble store and we are very sorry for every inconvenience you stumbled upon in trying to acquire your keys.

Humble Bundle is handling you Steam keys and they will provide with access to DRM Free version as soon as they set it up (we already sent them the master). Later they will deliver other digital goodies as we prepare them. Unfortunately some PayPal and KS backers still did not get keys.

Arkadia7 July 1st, 2013 05:33

Sounds good, this game is one I am very interested in, so to hear they are fixing the bugs and are dedicated to polishing the game is reassuring.

fabrulana July 1st, 2013 06:55

I must say I am a bit disappointed in them. As a kickstarter backer I was looking forward to the game, but was quite willing to wait for a more stable release. The few bugs they fixed hasn't addressed mine yet - the game is not currently playable on my high end machine… it has horrible framerate drops.

Jim1950 July 1st, 2013 08:26

I supported LoD on Kickstarter and eagerly awaited a chance to play it. It just arrived. Some people really enjoy it, but I agree that right now it has a few too many rough edges. What's been GREAT is the intense activity on the Dreamatrix forum and the incredibly fast and enthusiastic responses from the development team. It's FUN just to read the forum! This is a game to watch.

Sertorius July 1st, 2013 15:52


Originally Posted by Jim1950 (Post 1061205680)
This is a game to watch.

uh, no. this is crap to avoid.

rune_74 July 1st, 2013 22:40


Originally Posted by Jim1950 (Post 1061205680)
I supported LoD on Kickstarter and eagerly awaited a chance to play it. It just arrived. Some people really enjoy it, but I agree that right now it has a few too many rough edges. What's been GREAT is the intense activity on the Dreamatrix forum and the incredibly fast and enthusiastic responses from the development team. It's FUN just to read the forum! This is a game to watch.

Um what? The day it was released the were no where to be seen…we didn't hear anything until a day later.

Icefire July 2nd, 2013 00:05


Originally Posted by Sertorius (Post 1061205717)
uh, no. this is crap to avoid.

Right now yes. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes from here. They claim they will continue to support and fix this mess. Time will tell.

guenthar July 2nd, 2013 04:54

I just hope they change the camera so that I will be willing to play since as it is the camera is to restricted for me.

redman5427 July 2nd, 2013 16:12

I am up to version 1.05 and the camera now scrolls down to a usable view. Plus they added auto save and quick save functionality. I haven't had any gameplay crashes and am enjoying the game so far.
One question though;has anybody been able to get into Smuggler's cave? I can't seem to find a path into it and I'm wondering if there is a quest that points you to it.

Karok July 2nd, 2013 16:43

From where you start the game, just follow the rivers edge until you get there. You can enter the water if need be.

joxer July 2nd, 2013 17:05

Karok beat me to it. And since I've also asked before, somewhat, for a spoiler, maybe we should open a spoilers topic about the game in general RPG?

redman5427 July 2nd, 2013 17:27

Good idea Joxer. Maybe we should use the thread that's already in there that's named LOD.

joxer July 4th, 2013 17:36

Guys, if you backed the project on KS, make sure you check your e-mail.
Or better yet, read this:

And I asked myself what's the catch with that sparkling chest when I saw it the first time…

rune_74 July 4th, 2013 17:57

Thing is…there are many sparkling chests….I wonder if they all work that way.

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