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xSamhainx July 4th, 2013 07:27

Dark - Vampire Stealther w/ "RPG elements" released on STEAM

I'm kinda debating whether to give this one a shot or not. "No guns allowed" seems to be their mantra, the whole game is you stealth-killing, as a vampire. It has cel-shaded graphics, which is a plus, and seems to be a big reminiscent of the gothic punk universe of Vampire:the Masquerade

It started out on the 360, even the video on Steam has the 360 logo in the end. That's not too encouraging, as we've all played crappy console ports for the pc.

even more strange, that steam is listing it as released on the 3rd, yet on the official site
"We are very sorry to announce to our digital download users that the digital release (Steam, Gamersgate, Gamesload, etc.) of the PC-Version of “DARK” has had to be postponed due to several reasons on short notice to the 5th July.

We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience."

im kinda curious and almost want to give it a shot. Almost!

JDR13 July 4th, 2013 07:38


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 1061206104)
It has cel-shaded graphics, which is a plus

That's a typo, right? I know you didn't just call cel-shaded graphics a plus. ;)

xSamhainx July 4th, 2013 09:17

Diversity, bro.
That's the type of diversity I'm into, I'll march on the capitol w/ some geeks screaming "we need more diverse graphics styles in games!"

Alrik Fassbauer July 4th, 2013 13:17

We had a few news articles over it here at the Watch. Not many.

I had a quick glance at it at the last Games Com - there should be something from my impressions about it in my last Games Com review.

xSamhainx July 17th, 2013 08:56

totalbiscuit kinda skewers it. Looks kinda bad

Maylander July 17th, 2013 12:02

Twilight ruined vampires for me. It's over.

Carnifex July 17th, 2013 16:40

Any friend of mine that mentions Twilight is forced to sit through at least one full viewing of Near Dark. Works every time!


Menigal July 17th, 2013 17:01

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are all overplayed and dead to me now. Well… you know what I mean.

xSamhainx July 19th, 2013 05:37

nothing i hate more than a vampire game w/ weak vampires. Spend the whole game cowering from… security guards? lol

I kinda felt that way during VTM:Redemption, i actually cheated and gave myself a bunch of blood points so I could boost my character. So I could quit dying to puny humans left and right

pibbur who July 19th, 2013 07:11


Originally Posted by Maylander (Post 1061208051)
Twilight ruined vampires for me. It's over.

What you need is "30 days of night". Restored my faith in humani … Eh … Vampirety.

Pibbur who usually prefers his vampires to be ugly.

tolknaz July 19th, 2013 15:45

There have been plenty of quite decent vampire flicks after that horrible soap opera. Daybreakers (2009)
Stake Land (2010)
Priest (2011)
Dark Shadows (2012)

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